pretty frickin festive

So here are some photos. I generally don't post lots of pictures for 2 reasons, both of them based on hyperbole.

1. It's not safe, creepy people will hunt me down and murderize me the minute I post a photo.

2. It's a slippery slope to just posting pictures, all of myself, making the same weird posing smile while shopping at Anthropologie 24/7and scrapbooking. *

Then I realized that as long as I'm reasonable (not posting our home address, not turning into a mormon princess,) that it is probably ok to post pictures sometimes.

So pictures! From the party!

Is there anything better than an interpretive dance by a four year old? I thought not. Behold my cousin, Jane.

What expression!

What poise!

The final bow.

I don't know why cousin Jared has that hat on, but don't you wish your cousin was so cute?

And my other favorite cousin, Gabe, with my aunt, Andy. Gabe is famous for seeing an employee in a Walmart store who looked like, well, Jesus, and shouting, "'Sup Jesus! Hey! Hey Jesus!" When the employee didn't respond, Gabe got a bit annoyed and yelled "Hey Jesus, I KNOW YOU!" So that's why we all love Gabe.

And we must include the very serious baby Ella. Ella is a very serious baby. She always looks rather solemn, and does not enjoy giggling, cuddling, or my gentle attempts to gnaw at her thigh. She is barely tolerating my holding her. But I can respect that, I don't like people gnawing at my thighs or expecting me to be cute, either. My sister grace, on the right, is a much more pleasant child

To prove that there were also grown-ups at the party: My mother, on the right, and my aunt Janene on the left. Proudly sporting the pins my Grandma sent them from New Mexico.

There is more, but this whole picture process is time consuming, and I'm over it.

*Choose not to be offended.


Mrs. Clark said...

Oh, I'm not offended. My husband does the scrapbooks and I don't get what all the hype is about Anthro. Guess I'm too old.

And you look just like your mom!

Lauren Palmer said...

I miss you.

VICKI IN AZ said...

Hey! Still think you are a riot!!
Merry Merry and * I am not offended, You are so right I do have a choice.

amanda said...

it's crazy that you're related to the wrights too. janene is my dad's cousin. your aunt janene is my... first cousin once removed? second cousin? i don't remember how it works.

JustMe said...

Your mom is so cute! But where is the pix of the dad who likes sparkle?

Lena said...

Fun stuff MCB. I think you should post pictures more often. I love them!

Melissapher said...

I didn't know Janene was your aunt!! What a small world. I love the wrights.

Melissapher said...

Merry Christmas, too. And happy new year.