two things

I don't want my students to know:

1) I have never taken an American Government class. Not in High School, Not in College, not ever. I have no idea how to teach one, but I am going to try my very best to teach you about American Government. And probably try to brain-wash you into Obama loving socialists. JK! JK! Sort of.

2) I am only five years older than you. 6 if you're lucky.


Lisa Louise said...

steep is this your student teaching or substitute? You did take AP american, that counts somewhat doesn't it?

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

watch this I think it was funny.

Also make the obama lovers!! it is the only way to live!!

Jessica said...

Hee hee. I hope mine don't find out that I haven't been in a geometry class since 8th grade, don't remember anything except how to find the area of a square, and that I totally detest the subject :)

Mar said...

I took AP American Government in high school and learned NOTHING. The teacher was horrible and I blame him for my stupidity.

Julie and Rob said...

Haha! That's so funny to think about! Hopefully none of them ask you to prom or something... if they do, you simply MUST post the story. (I had a 22 year TA in high school that was asked to prom by several guys at my school my senior year... it can happen!!) hee, hee!