your questions answered, part uno

Now I'm not feeling "eh." Now I'm feeling insomniac. So. What better way to waste time that should be spent sleeping than to answer your questions, dear friends.

Reader Annette asks:

Snickers or Twix?

Dear Annette,

Well, asking me to pick a chocolate is kind of like asking someone to pick a favorite vital organ. I like them all/find them all necessary to live. However, if the question was Snickers or Twix: Which is Better Frozen, I would have to say Snickers. Twix are less flavorful when frozen rock solid.

Reader Ace asks:

What do you think about Idaho? I live in Pocatello, love your blog, and voted for Obama. Can you believe Obama gained almost 6 points for a democratic presidential candidate in Idaho?

Dear Ace,

I like Idaho. I went to Rexburg once for EFY when I was 14, and I enjoyed myself there very much even though it was still chilly in July. I think BYU-I's campus is prettier than the regular BYU as well. I have never been to Pocatello, but I recently went to Boise because Spouseman had a conference there, and I decided that we are moving to Boise because I loved it there so freaking much. It was clean, some parts looked like San Fransisco, and they had really good milkshakes at this one place. So, yeah, go Idaho. I cannot believe that about Obama, and it just speaks to Idaho's wonderfulness even more. YES WE CAN.

Sue asks:

I was gonna go for the obvious joke (what is your last name and where do you live) but remembered you moderate comments and figured someone probably beat me to it.My question: What was your most embarrassing relationship? Spill.

Dear Sue,

ALL of my relationships were embarrassing. Seriously. But I will narrow it down to the top 3 most embarrassing, for your reading enjoyment.

1. The guy I dated in high school was embarrassing because he would write me super mushy letters whenever I was out of town and they were all like "Every time I see the moon I think of your face and realize that we are sleeping under the same moon which is waxing and also I love you." Awkward much? Even at 16 I kind of thought he was ripping off that animated movie about the immigrant mouse who gets separated from the other mice and sings a song about being underneath the same stars, and please, Internet, what is that movie called? Anyway, I kind of went along with the whole thing because I was 16 and didn't realize that acting like a freak was not a requirement for being in a relationship.

2. I dated a guy when I was on study-abroad. He was in my program, and it was embarrassing because all of our roommates were privy to all the ups and downs of our relationship, including the break-up. I'm sure it was very entertaining/obnoxious to them, and I apologize. Unless you found our histrionics entertaining, and then to you, I say thanks.

Oh, did I mention that my BYU study abroad *professor caught us making out several times? THAT was the embarrassing part.

3. But the most embarrassing relationship happened after I came home. I met a guy at the end of July ice-blocking (he landed on me in a ice-block -train gone wrong,) dated him for 3 weeks, and then broke up with him because it was getting serious and I wasn't going to be one of those Mormon Child Brides who gets married immediately after meeting someone and barely after turning 20. We were engaged by October and married in March. My family has never stopped teasing me, which is embarrassing. And I've also saved someone the question of where I got the idea for my blog title.

It is also embarrassing because I am still finding things out about the Spouse post marriage that I assume most people know pre-marriage. Like food allergies. I found those out 4 months in after offering my husband watermelon.

3.5 I guess I have to include the time in my life where I somehow attracted nearly every ex-Mormon pot-smoker in the state of Utah. Embarrassing, but I was, ahem, young, and didn't realize that acting like a freak was not a requirement for casual dating. And no, don't bother asking, I'll just tell you. I myself never partook of their goods. (Although I did learn how to disengage a smoke-detector in a Uof U college dorm.)

Lastly, meagan asks,

I have one: Did you ever find your argyle sweater? If not, how did you fill the void? I've recently lost a pair of argyle socks and am losing my will to live (:

Dear Meagan

NO! And it still pains me (I lost my argyle on study abroad.)

I filled the void with no less than 6 replacement sweaters. Including one the Spouse gifted to me. It has elbow patches, and is awesome. I suggest trying to fill your own void with rampant consumerism in the sock section of Target.

And there you go. *And I don't know why those words are yellow and why they won't change


Annette Lyon said...

Oooo--very good answer. I hadn't considered the frozen factor.

Nicole said...

The movie is An American Tail. I just had to tell you.

Janssen said...

I so SO hope it was Dr. Tate who caught you making out. I could not imagine someone who would be more embarrassed by it than him.

Unfortunately, being married to his son and all, he has, on occasion, walked in on us making out on his couch. Awkwardness all around. Hurrah!

Kristen said...

An American Tale is the movie you're thinking about. I loved that movie as a kid.

And if it makes you feel any better, I dated my husband for 3 years before we got married, we've been married for over a year now, and I'm STILL finding out things I didn't know about him. :)

Mar said...

An American Tale.

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

HAHA! so much of this made me smile. I think I was just far enough outside the situation (if that was even possible on study abroad) to find that particular relationship entertaining. We had to find drama somewhere, and you guys provided it! For that, thank you. And yes... the movie is either An American Tail or Feivel Goes West. In both, little Feivel gets separated from all the other mice and sings "Somewhere out There" about being under the same moon. blah blah blah. It's actually pretty sad. I remember crying. Anyway, spouseman is wonderful for buying you an argyle sweater. smart boy. love ya girl!

Michelle said...

i'll just jump on the train too and tell you it's american tale.

ok .. ok. i had to.

sorry i missed the post about asking questions!

so here are my questions... yes, plural.

if you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, and it had to be red, what would it be?

do you think up blog posts in your head during the day? cause i do.

what occupies your thoughts during monotonous drives to such places like idaho and back?

what middle name do you plan on giving the first mormon child bride spawn?

still wearing yoga gear in public?

Lena said...

That was all stuff I did not know about you MCB! I thought I knew most stuff by now!

Julie and Rob said...

HAHAHAHA! I still get a kick out of the fact that we told Megan to confess to the notorious missing argyle sweater episode!! I'll never forget the look on your face when the most sweet and innocent person in the program admitted to that henious crime ( : Hee, hee! Definitely a memory I'll enjoy for the rest of my life...

But on a serious note, I'm sorry you still haven't found that sweater. It's practically an icon... stuff like that needs preserving.

Ash said...

I was watching "what not to wear" the other day, and the girl reminded me of your blog. she was a mother of five,and either wore sweats and a tee shirt, or when she was going out on the town she wore things that were excessively bedazzled and shiny and sparkley and crazy colors, etc. When it was time for her to go shopping she kept getting distracted by anything brightly colored or sparkly, and wanted to buy anything that was "schnazzy". you should totally google the episode.

Just wanted to let you know that someone who doesn't even know you, was thinking of you. :)

Emily said...

i also am insanely in love with argyle. I have 2 great ones - one from NY and Company (last year), and one from Bass - pink! i totally keep my eyes out year round, and i ask for them every year for Christmas :)