bad blogger.

I feel like I've been a bad blogger lately. Sorry. Sorryish. It's already January 9 and I never blogged about Christmas Day, What My Husband Got Me, or Pictures of My Decorations. But I'm sure you are all fine because every other Mormon Child Bride blogger has already filled that gaping hole in your life. That's also the reason I never posted about Things I'm Grateful For in November, or posted a picture of fall foliage and pumpkins in October to express my Love For Autumn.

Blogging should be like basic economics. Supply and Demand. The supply for all those blog subjects was more than adequately addressed, so I don't need to. No more Demand.

That means I won't be posting about What Swimsuit Should I Get in the Spring, or, I'm So Glad It's Flip-Flop Season in the Summer, either. *

Anyway, I've been neglectful because I started student-teaching last Monday, and thus I have only this to say:

Oh my freaking gosh. High School starts early. I didn't realize how early 7:25 is until I realized how early I have to wake up in order to get to school at 7 freakin' 25. My body is so angry and confused at me that it forced me to throw up twice this week. For NO REASON. Except my body is pissed.** And now sleep-deprived.

And I think I am going to bed now. That's right. I'm considering bed at 5:19 on a Friday night. Don't call me.

That is all.

*Don't get mad, I'm sure if you blogged about these things, you did it in a totally unique and original way.

**Pissed. Not pregnant. I know what you were thinking, and stop it.


lindsey said...

Dear MCB0--

You probably don't remember me, but Google Reader introduced us about three months ago...

I taught junior high for 6 years in Utah and never ONCE did it get easier to get out of bed in the morning and I didn't even have to start teaching until 8:15 am. Most days I got there about 8:11, which isn't advisable. You tend to start the day a bit out of breath, if not frazzled.

It wasn't for lack of WANTING to be there, I loved it, the work, the kids, my classroom. And I proved it by staying 'til 6 pm, (ok 8 pm) most nights to make up for the late mornings.

I learned that when you're a teacher, the only thing you do all day is teach, hang out with kids, eat, drink gallons of Diet Coke, and pee. Honestly, it's just one of those careers that you sacrifice three years of your life for and then it gets easier. (Especially after those said three years when you get a student teacher of your own)!

Now I live in Scotland and I've retired down to working 25 hours a week as a teacher's aide. I don't have to be there until 8:45 am and those 30 minutes will be treasured each morning.

But teaching, man NOTHING compares. It is, hands down, the best job in the entire world for those of us who are cut out for it. And going to sleep at 5:14 pm on a Friday night isn't so bad either (especially since you're already married---it took me 26 years to find someone who would put up with being second fiddle to school--your man is already committed to you--and has no idea what he's in for!)

Good luck on your student teaching experience! Just think, when your done working for free, you can get a real job, working ALMOST for free!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

7:25 is WAY TOO EARLY. Going to bed at 6pm on Friday is so OK you don't even know. A girl after my own heart.

bonz said...

I keep calling you! You're not answering!

just kidding.

What swimsuit are you getting??!???!?

Michelle said...

dear mormon child bride,

sorry to hear about your experiences visiting the porcelain god in a manner that is short of appealing. here's to hoping that the stress and pissiness don't increase the encounters.

also, my blog has gone private and i need you to send me your email address. don't worry ... it won't be used for anything creepy other than allowing you to stalk my blog as well. send it to if you so please :)

Carley A. T. said...

I puked twice before a graduation ceremony seven years ago. I'm not sure why.

Also, I am so exhausted from this freakin' schedule as well. Only, I'm not really sleeping at night. Is that happening to you? Stupid sleep and the "need" for it.

Just think, this is our last semester before we graduate. "Yay."

Jessica said...

I feel your pain. My mentor teacher runs a before-school tutoring program from 7:00-7:30 am (seriously, how many junior high students do you know who care enough to get up that early?) Of course, Barb told me I need to be there. Uggh. I think I'm more of danger in falling asleep in the middle of class than the students are!

Maree said...

Just think, if you taught BEFORE SCHOOL seminary (like here in CA) you'd have to get up REALLY early!

Student teaching sucks. You PAY to do the all the work. But there IS light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there so you can have your own class--maybe at a school that starts later?

James McOmber said...

Yo. Just thought you should know that the link to my blog (under Shucks) is faulty. It's kind of a double-URL on accident.

Happy gnu year.

Kimbooly said...

I'm completely with you. I still haven't posted pics of my kids in their halloween costumes.

I post what I want, when I want. I try to post if I have something witty or clever (usually it's something my kids have done, not something original from me) or hilarious or embarrasing, (why do we do the embarrasing? We like to laugh at ourselves, I guess. Keeps humbling us). But I don't post to meet any certain expectations or blog-pressure of what the 'standard' blogs tend to be about.

However, I still enjoy others blogs, especially when they're from the heart, even if they are done a lot by others as well.

There's no such thing as a bad blogger. I figured no one really wants to know what my husband got me, what I got my kids, etc. I figure people want to know more about the darling stowaway kitten I spied on a bus trip when I was in Illinois visiting a cousin who just had twins (and visited a sister in Iowa who had her first baby).

That was noteworthy to me. I will always have a softened heart around Christmas and give and receive gifts, and love the refreshing time of being with family and not having to do all the cooking myself. But I'm pretty sure most of the other mormons out there are having the same experiences.

Go back and see my Thanksgiving post; I wondered what you'd think of it. It basically said, "Ok, I can't help it. I AM thankful...." even though I knew it was a mushy post that many other posters would also do.

I like the supply and demand analogy. I love stalking blogs (clearly I'm probably your biggest stalker & most long-winded commenter) and reading everything else, but don't feel the need to 'keep up with the joneses.'

kitty said...

ahh thank goodness you posted! i mean seeing you in real life regularly isn't enough when there's this GRA-ATE blog lying around, waiting to be furthered in its excellence.

ps, pushing daisies doesn't return till summer. suckwad.

Lena said...

MCB. I am sorry. I wish I could help you. Anything that stresses you out to the point of puking, has my sympathy. Call me if you need to vent.

Dasha said...

I think the "bad blogger" post itself is becoming an MCB standard, along with the pumpkins and the anthropologie pics. So way to go Steph, despite your best efforts you are just one of them... ha ha.

I hope your night at costco was magical. Mine was so life changing I think I might just blog about it.

MandoRama said...

Sorry, but I'm stealing "sorryish". It's just too perfect. Get some rest, lady. You're sleeping for two!

Kimbooly said...


I don't get it? She even specified with a double asterisk that she was puking because she was not awake and it was stressful to tell her body that she was.

SHE IS NOT PREGNANT. How do people continue to misread you, Steph, even when you're blatantly mocking constant expectations that you even possibly might be thinking about it.(i.e. your very clear comment "Not pregnant. I know what you were thinking, and stop it.")

I guess that's one of the curses of being an MCB. Even though I'm almost 12 years out (got married just shy of 20, am now 31), the "are you pregnant/even thinking of thinking about getting pregnant" question still persists, despite how hard I try to brush off such personal questions from complete strangers all the time. I have 3 kids. Just because my baby is 4 and I have been honest that I want a big family does not mean I am pregnant right now or trying. And even if I was, it's none of your business. Even when I was pregnant with my first, I lied until I started showing, for several personal reasons (which included a previous miscarriage)

I'm not usually a rude person, but I know this comment reads that way (to those who keep thinking Steph is pregnant when she keeps saying she's NOT). Realize it's exasperation.

Stephanie N. said...

kimbooly, don't worry, i know mandorama, and she's totally joking. we all share your frustration, you wouldn't believe how many random CONGRATS ON BEING PREGNANT comments I've deleted...

Kimbooly said...

Aaah, she's joking. So much that you can miss via typed words over in-person conversation. Sorry, MandoRama!

Clearly one of my soapboxes. A little hypersensitive I am. *impish grin*

Sarah holman said...

I hate getting up early and really wish my work started at 9, or 10, or even 11 would be nice.
Good luck getting used to your new schedule

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

"*Don't get mad, I'm sure if you blogged about these things, you did it in a totally unique and original way."

Great line -- had to stumble this post.