Ever since Dan's family gifted me with season 1 of The West Wing, *I have been spending all of my spare time (and copious amounts of less-than-spare time,) watching CJ Cregg, well, frankly, kick ass and be awesome.

Occasionally, while I watch, I make feeble attempts at muddling through all the junk Westminster is making me do in order to graduate.

This has led me to the following realization.

I have been in Grad School for the past 8 months.

I have been watching West Wing for the past 3 weeks.

It is highly likely that I have learned more from the latter.

*This is not my first foray into West Wing, but it's a classic and I'm very happy to own a season now.


bonz said...

Um. We have all 7 seasons so you know where to go. CJ's a champ.

Kristen said...

Despite being a Poli-Sci major in college I had never seen a West Wing episode until last summer. My husband and I Netflixed the entire series over the course of the summer. We spent pretty much all our spare time watching West Wing. Because we're nerds like that. :)

I'd love to own the series as's so well done.

Kristen said...

$15.99 at Costco? That's ridiculous. My laundry will never get done and our food budget just might be spent on West Wing DVDs.

Kristen said...

Meh...who needs food anyway, right? At least not when we've got Dule Hill & Richard Schiff to watch. They will distract me from my hunger. Is it sad that I find Toby's character nerdily sexy? Yeah, I think that might be kind of sad.

Lena said...

I love the West Wing as well. And I not only like CJ, I love Allison Janney too. She is just too good.

amanda said...

What subject are you planning on teaching when you graduate? Maybe you could just show the kids episodes of West Wing all year. They'd learn a lot, love you, and you would enjoy it. woo.