bad teacher versus good teacher.

I am creating a deliberately lecture-intense lesson plan for my Government class tomorrow. Followed by an assignment to write a very long research paper. Why?

a. We've played all the fun "learning activity games" and it resulted in chaos.
b. We've watched both documentaries and feature films and it resulted in chaos.
c. We've made attempts at both group and partner activities, and it was chaotic.
d.. We had a lovely and interesting guest speaker come with an hour's worth of visual aids and demonstrations, and the class was not only disrespectful, but as usual, it resulted in chaos.
e. I have given them class time to finish all of their classwork, and instead of using it wisely, it resulted in, wait for it, chaos. And a significant drop in the class average.

So. Lecture. And homework. And a very annoyed student teacher cackling in the back of the class. Bwahahahaha.


MamaBear said...

LMBO, that's hilarious! go stud. teacher!

Annette Lyon said...

Sometimes "bad" teacher IS "good" teacher.

Kristen said...

Love it! It serves them right. Kids are such punks.

Rachel said...

Maybe after this experience they will appreciate your attempts to make learning fun. Who knows? It could happen.

Jessica said...

So you're hoping that the lecture/research paper approach will result in the students falling asleep instead of chaos? Let me know if it works. I only have one class that regularly deteriorates into chaos, but it seems to happen whether I'm doing "active learning" stuff or lecturing.

Lena said...

Good for you! You have tried to be their friend, but to no avail. Go homework!

Michelle said...

you show those brats who's boss!

Lauren said...

I teach middle school. Chaos is totally normal, especially when anything is labeled "game." If they can't handle the "fun" stuff (games, guest speakers, etc.), don't feel bad about being the "bad" teacher and lecture away!!!
Fun to read about your student teacher experiences!!

Mrs. Clark said...

I know this makes me sound really old (partly because I am) but these kids were disrespectful of a guest speaker? Did anyone stop the lecture and chew them out?

I would've thought this would be less of a problem in Utah.