Dear Obama,

You know I'm all over your recent election, but I'm not so sure about your stimulus plan. I'm a liberal, but honestly, $800 + billion? Are you sure? Please work on that.

Yours, Stephanie.

ps. Also, I think I have an ear infection. Could you work on that health care reform thing? Thanks.

pps. Your wife is still smokin'.


Ace said...

$800 billion stimulus, $750 billion bank bailout (with more to come), $250 billion for the mortgage crisis.

Seems like a lot, but the smarty pants economists at the New York Times seem to think we'll be lucky if the current stimulus plan keeps us out of double digit unemployment rates. Sigh. Makes you wish G.W.B. had been a little more judicious with the Iraq/Afghanistan war funds (final cost estimate: $2-5 trillion).

pinky said...

i agree.. possibly too much :D

but if it gets us out of our recession (which i highly doubt but am really hoping for) then yay!! go obama!!

i've had a congested nose/ headache for the last two days. can he work on that too while he's at it??

Lisa Louise said...

completely agree, not sure how some of the hidden parts of that stimulous plan are actually going to help anything. Also agree, she is pretty hot!

Benjamin said...

Stephanie, I haven't seen you in a million years. When Laura gets back, we'll have to go to Target. In the meantime I was inspired to make a blog. It only has one post, so it's a small reading commitment. If you would read it, that would make its existence so much more justified.

James McOmber said...

I agree that Michelle Obama is a stone-cold FOX. Bamola.