I'm sorry

I'm sorry for inundating everyone with my non-stop student teaching monologue, but let's be honest, it is pretty much all I do.

But, good news people! I have only six weeks left! That is almost half way.


1. Only one of my classes hates me. Suck it, 4th period American Government.....

2. Teaching English is much easier (for me, anyways,) than teaching Gov't. But that could possibly be because the Gov't curriculum is retarded.

3. Instead of making kids take Financial Literacy (which by the way, apparently falls under the category of "social studies" meaning I may have to teach it,) I think we need a class called Common Sense :10 Ways to Not End Up Incarcerated.

Why? Because I overheard this conversation last week:

Girl to other Girl: "So if I hit him with my car, do you think I would go to prison?"

Other Girl: (thinks for a minute) ....Um....yes. I think so.


Sarah said...

That is an interesting question. I too have taken time to ponder the consequences. It really depends on who "him" is. Is he a dog? An escaped felon? A dangerous, rogue robot? A Soviet spy? In all of these instances I do not believe incarceration would be the resulting consequence. But I have a feeling "him" is a little more boring and the action much more vindictive.

Lena said...

I am happy for your half way-ness MCB. We should celebrate!

Kimbooly said...

Bwaaaahaaaahaaaaaaa! Top 10 ways not to go to jail!

I love it! And seriously, the title is so catchy I'll bet you kids would be lining up to take it.

Keep passing along your "overheards." Truth IS stranger than fiction! This is why I often blog about what I overhear my little kids saying. Too funny.

Katie said...

Have you seen that SNL Skit, Don't Buy Stuff you Cannot Afford? I think we should probably teach that in school too.

Lisa Louise said...

wow somehow i have a feeling i will see both of those stupid girls when they get pregnant and have preterm babies!

JustMe said...

I love the little peeks you give us into HS life. My daughter-in-law will sometimes send me examples of sentences her students have written. They always make me laugh.

Are you starting to feel like a real adult yet?

JustMe said...

What's for dinner? My girls and I will be there on April 15th or there abouts.

Shar said...

Almost done! Good for you!

You just tell her it's okay if it looks like an accident.