I've realized something.

I can only be a good teacher to ONE of my subjects a day. So I rotate. One day I rock in 11th Grade English. It's not hard, Fahrenheit 451 is awesome. The next day I rock at 12th Grade English. And lastly, I make an attempt at rocking the circus that is American Government.

But it never happens all at once. The rocking, that is. It never happens, but at least there is some AWESOMENESS in there somewhere, right?

Thus, I have decided that I intend to use this technique should I ever mother multiple children.


Brammer Family said...

You are brillant! :)

Annette Lyon said...

I say that daily awesomeness of any kind rocks.

Kimbooly said...

I *love* "Fahrenheit 451." When I first read it, I didn't. I was bothered by the language that peppered it, that irritated me from getting through the thought-provoking plot.

But as we continued to take it apart in English, I fell in love. I like it even better than the plot in "The Giver."

Another favorite of mine is "The Alliance," by Gerald Lund, about freedom, agency, and the importance of the ability to think for oneself. Though it's a quick read, it very much influenced my understanding of how critical agency is, even if some people use it to choose evil.

As long as I'm rambling about books, I recently hosted "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," partly because I think every mormon (myself included) could learn from this book about not being judgmental in life. Loving people for their strengths, not their weaknesses. Being able to see the good in whoever you meet. Another favorite book of mine even though I think it has a couple of bits of 'junk' in it.

I also loved "Cold Sassy Tree," despite it being a bit graphic in the love department. Another high school English book for me.

A new favorite is "Princess Academy."

And "Uncle Tom's Cabin," so rich in portraying real people and their lives, and the importance of the soul and its individual worth and dignity. And of course that the book is centered around the Savior. I think politically calling someone an "Uncle Tom," is a misnomer (I think it's said to mean a black person sincerely sucking up to a white person), as Uncle Tom made his choices depending on what he felt God wanted him to do, not what any white master or any mortal, for that matter, wanted him to do.

Ummm, I guess you can see I loooooved English classes in high school and colleges. I actually forewent (is that a word?) taking AP English so that I could take MORE English classes in high school instead of testing out of them. Hehehe.

Shar said...

You just tell your classes, "I can only be awesome for 1 class a day. Today is not your day. And tomorrow isn't looking good either."

That will show 'em.

Alyosha said...

That's a viable parenting strategy,speaking as a mom of two, almost three. Except it's more like switching off every 5-10 minutes.