things i am enjoying, RIGHT NOW.

1. I'm working at my desk, and I can hear the teacher next door giving an excellent lesson on government systems in Shakespearean literature. She somehow managed to put in an awesome plug concerning the need universal health care. I can't describe how she made it seem relevant, but she did.

Sign of a good teacher: ability to brain-wash your students WITHOUT THEM KNOWING IT IS HAPPENING.*

2. She also very loudly said "What were women not supposed to have in Shakespeare's England? SEX DRIVES!"

3. The idea that after today, I will only have 3.5 weeks left of student teaching. This is making me very happy because this morning I was FULL OF RAGE at a student teaching situation that I cannot discuss on the Internet. The idea of being nearly done with this little social experiment is making me very happy.

4. Still feeling sort of giddy about meeting (and kind of stalking in order to meet) Miss Nemesis last night at her place of employment. Slight downer? I was wearing only kinda clean yoga pants at the time. Apparently though, Nemesis is a forgiving soul, because we are still scheduled for a hair-braiding giggle fest. Woot.

*Westminster may disagree.


Dasha said...

Oh please for the love of all that is holy do not become one of those teachers that use their position to push their political/social/moral agenda. Those were the teachers that bugged the crap out of me in high school and lost my respect in about 2.5 seconds.

pinky said...

you're blog is awesome! i just came across it! oh my... you went back to high school :) more power to you!!

would it be alright if i linked your blog to mine?? let me know!!

my blog is



Jessica said...

Yea! 3.5 weeks. We can all handle that, right? I wish I could hear your student teaching experiment that filled you with rage, but I suppose I will have to wait for one of those delightful group seminars. Today, I threatened to strangle anyone in my geometry class who asked me to repeat the directions one more time. Probably not very P.C. of me. It sucks having to sensor all the things you want to shout at them!

Stephanie N. said...

oh i don't think she's like that. i think she just does a good job of relating the things they are learning to present-day situations. she's very engaging and good at almost "tricking" students into thinking. And brainwashing them to believe it was their idea in the first place.

and she doesn't push her position, i promise. at least not seriously.

but thanks for the warning.

Katie said...

Being tricked into thinking is the best.

Is it wrong that I still prefer to be tricked into thinking?

I'm going to go with yes.

Michemily said...

All I can do is laugh. Ha ha.

Nemesis said...

Only see, you were actually out running errands and stuff so who cares if you're in yoga pants? I was at WORK, which is why I've had to step up the wardrobing. Because now I've met both you and Dasha there and would have felt so humiliated if you saw me all middle-aged frumpy-at-work-looking. Although that's probably what Dasha saw. Sigh.

pinky said...

baha, you guys are great :)

i would slap that other teacher in the face :) lol. why do high school students need to even be thinking about woman's sex drives?!?!?!?

amanda said...

all the best and worst things in life are sketchy to discuss on the internet.

Julie and Rob said...

Yay for being done with student teaching! Has it deterred you away from teachinga altogether? I'm trying to imagine you as my high school teacher. You probably would have been one of my favorites! (As long as I never had to live with you, of course! We all know THAT doesn't go over well!)

lifeofdi said...

Once upon a time at USU, I was a TA for a media criticism class which was being taught by a grad student friend of mine while the professors who usually taught it were on sabbatical.

He was very much into pushing his liberal, subversive, revolutionary agenda. Now I'm liberal. He's liberal.

During this year, I cat babysat for him. I found a book in his house called Teaching as a Subversive Activity.

It made me giggle.

Also I hope you don't think I'm weird because I'm reading your archives. Work has been slow this week.