a few items of non-note*, basically a drastic lowering of all and any standards.

*because really, if you are looking for something life affirming in the next few paragraphs, you should probably move on.


1. I have taken to sewing obsessively instead of doing my homework. ____________ That space there? That was room for some of you to judge me.

All done? Good. Because sewing is awesome. It's the one domestic thing my mother successfully taught me how to do. Not that she didn't try to teach me other things.The fact that I suck at cooking and can't keep up on my laundry is my own damn fault. Anyway, I've been sewing. I may even post pictures of my creations, because seriously, I've already posted about my wedding, bragged about my husband, (apparently saying he got into grad school is bragging,) and it just seems fitting that I should start posting pictures of my creations. Since I may or may not graduate from grad school.

Next step? Accidental-on-purpose-pregnancy.

2. The best diet coke in all the land is to be had at Eat-a-Burger. It's in Holladay, for those wondering, by the old Cottonwood mall. I don't know why it is so good, but it is. Maybe it's the whole wedge of lime they will put in there if you ask. Just fyi, lemons and limes at restaurants are gross and usually covered in germs. But at Eat-a-Burger, I DO NOT CARE.

Maybe I don't care because along with having the best diet coke, all the employees are smokin' hot. I'm serious. So far I have only encountered females, but from what I've seen, in order to work at Eat-a-Burger you must be:

a. female
b. between the ages of 18-22
c. hot
d. hot.
e. extremely hot. In that fresh-off-the-farm freckled and tan innocent girl next-door-way.

It's starting to give me a complex, since I usually frequent their establishment after spending half a day not doing my homework or showering.

By the way, there is no logical correlation between hot restaurant employees and me suddenly being less germ-phobe. But yet, the correlation exists.

3. I think they put cocaine in those cadbury egg candies. Or I just have an addictive personality. You decide. Thank you, Word of Wisdom, from preventing me from drinking, smoking, or doing drugs harder than caffeine.

That is all. Tomorrow I will do my homework, I promise.


Lauren Palmer said...

By promising to do homework, you're just setting yourself up for failure. NEVER promise to do homework. Instead, set yourself up for success, but promising to drink Diet Coke. This will make you much happier, and actually more likely to do your homework, because you didn't break your promise to do it the day before. These are the principles of Behavior Analysis that I have learned through tormenting helpless children with autism.

JustMe said...

Little MCB - I love you! You're the liberal daughter I never had. My oldest daughter (your dress twin) is also mad for sewing. She doesn't sew clothing, just home decor stuff. She did not learn this from me even though I made her sealing dress. Yes, I am bragging, I love to brag, expect me to brag more in upcoming comments. Maybe even in THIS comment.

I too have an addictive personality. I am trying to figure out a way that I can main line sugar. This will save my jaws from all that exercise I get chewing. As to the WoW, it does contain more than the stuff about hot drinks and tobacco. I sweetly pointed this out during a RS lesson. The dear sister (bless her heart) teaching it had apparently only read the first couple of lines because her entire lesson was about the EVILS of smoking. Because of my addictive personality, and because my family is from Butts County, Georgia I am a darling, little round person with a even rounder bootie. I thoughtfully pointed out to the teacher (also round, VERY, VERY, VERY round, but not from Butts County) that if we were indeed living the WoW, we would all be thin because it is not just about caffeine or tobacco, it is an entire plan about how to eat healthy foods. I don’t think she appreciated my comments.

Passing on updates about what is happening with spouseman, or parentperson, or sistersweet, is not bragging. Trust me, I know bragging. Tell people not to be so flipping judgmental. I try not to be judgmental myself – unless you send me an uber-tacky wedding invitation with the wedding registry right on the invite.

BWT, I will be in Provo April 15th with my breathtakingly beautiful (bragging) daughters, Snow White and Red Rose. Do you live in Provo? The odds are small that we could meet, but I sure would like to.

Sarah said...

Whimsy is calling our names again.

Dasha said...

I don't judge you for sewing. I wish I could sew, but alas I am special needs in that department. Seriously cannot even cut fabric in a straight line. I do like to cook, though, so we should exchange services. Deal?

And I think the Eat-A-Burger you frequent might exist in a parallel universe, because every time I go there (which is way too often- I am a teriyaki chicken sandwich whore) the employees are not even close to being freckled and innocent looking. More like freshly bathed in self tanner.

Lena said...

I like the more frequent blogs Steph. I hope they dont slow down too much during finals. And we need to plan a party for your graduation.

I didnt know Spouseman got in to grad school!

Kim Raynor said...

You have become one of my favorite ways to waste time (and snicker quietly to myself).

Perhaps I should take up sewing as then I would have an end product to show for my procrasination of work.

Nemesis said...

I had my first lunch at Eat-a-Burger recently and agree with you on the employee hotness. There was a table of nerdy teenage boys who were sitting in the Very Front Booth and behaving in a completely loud and obnoxious manner. I believe this was their way of trying to attract the Cashier Goddess's attention.

Also, really liked their fries. I think a hamburger joint is nothing without good fries.

meagan said...

I second Lauren's comments. Forget reaching for the stars to hit an eagle. Why reach at all? Less chance of falling, failing, and air-sickness.

All of which, coincidentally, can be fixed with a decent Diet Coke on tap. I may now regret moving out of Holladay after all...

Ace said...

Thanks for the heads up on the diet coke (yum!), but there is no way lemon & lime slices are covered in germs. They put lemon & lime extracts in to cleaning supplies; which means they a CLEAN and SPARKLY. I'm pretty sure my logic here is infallible. :)

oh, and please define "Accidental-on-purpose-pregnancy".

Michemily said...

I love that judging space. I've stopped working on my essay to bake. How weird, that we've both gone for domestic-type activities in that important time.

amanda said...

I sent this post to my mom and she thinks you guys are sisters. My mom will not go anywhere but Eat a Burger for her diet coke and she goes every day for her diet coke with lime. Usually they won't even let her pay for her drink because all of those hot girls know her. She did tell me that they're not renewing their lease this April, though, which makes her very sad.

I am addicted to Cadbury Eggs and I also claim there are drugs in them. As soon as Valentine's Day was over I was at the grocery story every day scanning the candy aisle. Sadly, no Cadbury Eggs OR Diet Coke in Ecuador.

Alyosha said...

The cadbury cream eggs, or the cadbury mini-eggs? I am a huge fan of both, but especially the mini-eggs.

The Boob Nazi said...

I hate doing homework. I'm putting off a massive take-home test as I type this. And by massive, I mean 20ish hours. I'd much rather take a stupid test in class! I hate homework. And school.

Mrs. Clark said...

Ah, you amazing seamstress you! Come on. You are doing something constructive, so don't worry about it. And please post pictures!

Too bad your own instructors aren't as lax as those at the school where you did your student teaching.

You will graduate, I'm sure. Hang in there.

Becca said...

Its better to be really good at one thing, instead of adequate

And, I have been told that I am bragging that my 25 yr old husband is just starting his bachelors degree in business. Apparently, pre-business is braggable. Or maybe its because I explain that his work will reimburse him for tuition, not that $15K will get an undergrad degree anymore.