i suck at blogging.

But I don't suck at watching TV! Which is what I am doing right now.

Which means a few things for you:

1. I shall NOT be held accountable for any spelling grammatical errors. The TV, it is sucking my brain. Just as my father said it would.

2. The post will be particularly ADDish. While having ADD makes one particularly fond of multi-tasking, it doesn't mean one is actually GOOD at multi-tasking. Achilles heal.

3. I forgot where I was going with this. See previous.

Anyway, we have much good news to announce here, at casa de Child Bride and Spouseman, and so here we go. Oh! And also! There may or may not be smush. I haven't decided yet.

a. I am finished with student teaching! It is thrilling.

b. Spouseman was accepted to Grad School. Sucker...

c. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary last weekend. And so I have decided to post some cheesy/mushy wedding pictures. But it is legit, as I am talking about my wedding, and recent anniversary, and not just posting it randomly. i.e. "I went to the grocery store and I was happy! Here is a wedding picture to show what my happy face looks like!" or, "I love my brother! Here's a picture of him at my wedding! Since I only have wedding pictures, apparently!" So. Legit. But still Mushy. Anyway.*

I need to tell you that this shot was not followed by cake-smashing. I am opposed to cake smashing. You don't have to be. But I am.

We were too cheap to buy food for our reception. So we served babies.

* Look, okay, I did post a picture of my sister at my wedding for her birthday post. So yes, I am a bit of a hypocrite. But I have just made an amendment to my rule. Child Brides may post as many pictures of their wedding as they want if they are TOTALLY AWESOME pictures of food consumption and/or if they make you ask "Why did the photographer take that picture, anyway." So we are still good. But if I do it again, I will just swallow my pride and write a post proclaiming how much my husband spoils me and resort to talking in a weird hybrid of both babyandoldlady talk for the rest of my life "my husband got is such a darling dear he bought me an sweet pressie for my matchey-match kitchen I soooo spoiled....."


JustMe said...

You were an adorable bride, but I DEMAND that you post a picture where we can really see the dress.

Spouseman is too adorable for words. And, what a great idea (if politically incorrect) to serve babies instead of food.

I agree with you about the cake smashing - if either of my children had done it, I would have smashed them.

So...............are you walking are not??? You can just post a survey and not tell us the end results.

b. said...

I soooo agin cake smasheen too, yesh I am!

Kristen said...

Your cake looks delicious. Also, was your wedding at Red Butte? My brother's was up pretty.

And congrats to being done student teaching and to the husband getting into grad school. Hooray!

amanda said...

Congratulations! What a good feeling it must be to be DONE. Good luck with the job hunt. Also congrats to your spouseman on getting accepted to grad school. What will he be studying?

Jonathan and I were against cake smashing as well. We actually got boo'd by a disappointed audience as we fed each other our wedding cake civilly (which is also actually a weird and slightly uncomfortable tradition to me, but whatever). Two years. That's great!

Jessica said...

I still think your wedding dress was one of the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen...almost more gorgeous than my own. :)

Lindsey said...

i love you steph. teach me your ways.
congrats to be done with student teaching!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Julie and Rob said...

Congrats to you for finishing the student teaching. Congrats to Spouseman for getting accepted to grad school. And most importantly... congrats for the 2 year thing. That's an accomplishment, I would know!! Hee, hee!

Miss you! Hope you're having a great day ( :

Kimbooly said...

I love, love, love this post. Did I mention LOVE? *These* are the kinds of posts that made me fall in blog-love with you.

#2 is my favorite. Bwaahahahahaha! You couldn't have said it better!

My second favorite comment is "sucker" as a reaction to spouseman's acceptance to grad school.

Mrs. Clark said...

Beautiful wedding pictures! And I am totally against cake smashing, too. My son and his wife did it, but my daughter and her husband did not. Once my husband was in a wedding and the bride nearly choked when her new hubby smashed the cake into her mouth. Nice, huh? They're still married so I guess she forgave him!