I am listening (from my desk, I can hear most of the surrounding teachers,) to a teacher absofreakin'lutely butcher a novel I really enjoyed in high school.

This is why teenagers hate English.



Annette Lyon said...

As an English major and a writer (and almost a teacher at one point) this ticks me off beyond words.

My son's junior high English teacher is a grumpy old woman who should retire already and stop poisoning kids against literature.

A teacher can make or break any subject. I haven't figured out why English teachers are particularly good at making kids hate English and books. ARGH!

If only everyone could have a Miss Drummond in their life. (Best English teacher I ever had.)

Lena said...

I am raging about work as well, but I think it is less intellegent than your raging.

Kim Raynor said...

I know!

I resent one of my Lit professors to this day for her slaughter of 1984. I saw the deadened look in my classmates' eyes during discussions and I wanted to scream, "No! Don't you understand? This is a landmark work! It's his masterpiece. Don't listen to that crazy woman!"

I think poor teaching should be a prison-punishable offense.

megs said...

what book was it????

i love reading and i love books. i hate when this happens to my favorite novels.

Kimbooly said...

What is the book she butchered? I'm dying to know!