dear covergirl

The lipstick you make* makes me look a bit whorish. I mean, it looked nice and mellow in the package, but the real life effect is very Barbie-on-crack.

I love it.


Stephanie. * *

* That sentence was so muddled before. Still is. Don't drink (diet coke) and blog.

* *Let's all refrain from analyzing too deeply what this little factoid means about my character....


Jessica said...

There's nothing better than some nice eye-popping lip stick. I love it.

::Meredith:: said...

Hi, I'm Sarah Eaton's sister -- we met in the Louvre post London semester? Anyway Sarah's told me about how funny your blog is so I checked it out and you're now on my google reader. Just thought you should know.

And don't worry, when your diet coke addiction becomes as severe as mine, you can type fluidly. It's when you DON'T have the DC that your fingers start to shake..... oh I'm going straight to hell.

Just wanted you to know I'm a fan. I think you're tres clever.

Lauren Palmer said...

I just got the new CoverGirl lip markers... I feel amazing coloring on my face with a marker. After I wiped it off, my mom said "now I like it a lot better." But I like it in all of its neon glory.
PS: I think my dental health would improve if we could find a way to deliver Diet Coke intravenously.

Carol said...

You make me laugh -- thanks for sharing your unique views on the world with all of us lurkers! I always read your blog when I'm supposed to be preparing seminary lessons though!

Motherboard said...

How did you survive the monkey swat team?

I'll get you added. As soon as I stop seeing double vision. ;> (you know. DC withdrawals and all . . . )