further examples of my poor life choices.

(note: I'm blogging during class again.)

I drank so much caffeine in preparation for my three hour class today, that my hands are shaking and I can't hold a pencil.

The girl next to me, who apparently has a sinus infection, is poking her cheeks with a bent paper-clip an an attempt to self-acupuncture.

We are the future educators of your children, people.


Nicole said...

My favorite is to go teach a lesson at church with about 275 mgs of caffeine coursing through my veins. Everyone thinks I am shaking with emotion, but really I'm just on the verge of a seizure.

gurrbonzo said...

Those aren't poor life choices.

Those are awesome.

Lindsey said...

note: i'm reading your blog during my 400 class again. not that i don't pay attention anyway, i burst out laughing when i read that someone in your class was poking herself with a paper clip. my disruption level is increasing daily.

Sarah said...

I already want to go back to whimsy.

Kimbooly said...


*Wich means, I'm scared! Really, really scared! But give an evil laugh instead! ; )

Mrs. M said...

You are hilarious! And I don't mind whatever it is you want to do-my kids are homeschooled =)