i hate it when

I find out that I like the same shows as people I dislike.

It leaves me wondering: what ELSE do we have in common????

It's very unnerving.


The Red Pen said...

I hate that too. It also begs the question, what shows do you like, that some douche claims to as well?

Please don't let that douche be me.

gurrbonzo said...

Welcome to my life.

elfrida said...

um, am i a snicket cuz i love quoting the same movies (emperor's new groove and grinch respectively) over and over? i mean not excessively, but the fact that i find myself thinking lines from the same two or three movies is really freaky. issue or non issue? ps, your blog has become such a favorite that due to popular demand, i have read aloud from your blog to the delight of my peers. yeah, your hot stuff. anyways.

The Boob Nazi said...


James McOmber said...

What, the Office? You shouldn't be at all surprised if every douchebag in the entire world loves the Office. A lot of tools also like half-decent shows like Arrested Development.

It happens with music, and it surely happens with TV.

Much rub.