quick! think FAST!

If you are LDS, all your men are going to a priesthood session tonight. Some of you women may be going out with friends, or with family.

The women in my family usually order pizza at an aunt's house, and we hang out.

I'm going. I'm hungry. I'm also wearing one of "those shirts" that make you look pregnant.

I'm not. But if I go, eat like I'm planning on eating, wearing "that shirt...."

It will be like the great dress debacle of October 2007, ("You're Pregnant! No I'm not! Don't bother lying! WE CAN SPOT A PREGNANCY! No I'm not! LIAR.....)

But I'm so lazy. It (the shirt) is so comfy.

Do I change? Or not?

(not going/eating is not an option....)

update: EPIC FAIL PEOPLE.... why isn't everyone else on the internet all the time...

whatever. wearing the shirt...


stewbert said...

fwiw, i would've worn it too.

Michemily said...

And, how'd it go? Were you declared pregnant? Are you pregnant? ;)

Kimbooly said...

Oops. So, how'd it go? Clearly no one happened to be able to give their opinion.

I predict that you wore the shirt and glared at anyone who opened their mouth. ; )

Lena said...

Oh man. I would probably have changed. But I have been known to have a stubborn streak, so maybe not. Just to see what they said. How did it go?

The Red Pen said...


Beat them to the punch. Ask some random female relative if she's pregnant. It will feel really good to hear, especially since she's not really pregnant.

When she says "I'm not pregnant," emphatically disbelieve her.

Mrs. Clark said...

Wear the shirt. If they feel they HAVE to comment on the condition of the body underneath, so be it. And your answer to pregnancy questions is, "Why do you ask?" with a sincere little smile. 'Course, the point is moot now that it's Sunday night.

Julie and Rob said...

Don't change and encourage rumors by posting a "fake pregnancy" post on your blog for April Fool's Day.

That's what I did anyway.

Their reaction: priceless!

gurrbonzo said...