these interactions make my life

"Steph. This is your Dad. Do you want to join me for some meaningless, mindless, aimless, and utterly pointless shopping for the sole purpose of I'm feeling depressed?"

"Um. YES."


"Are these good pants (modeling)?"



"They have PLEATS, Dad, PLEATS."


"Um. Since the late '80's."

Two pairs of shoes (one for me, one for him,) Two pairs of pants, (unpleated, both for him,) One shirt (him, not lavender,) One sparkly glass orb thing (his, duh,) and one pair of earrings (mine, thankfully,) later we are both feeling much better about the state of the world.


Lisa Louise said...

these shopping trips fascinate me! How's graduation looking?

gurrbonzo said...

So...pleats are bad?

Jess said...

yeah... that sounds about right. i love your dad. and i love that you didn't let him buy pleats. thank you for saving the world from pleated eric.

JustMe said...

On an off note - have you noticed that our dear friend Zilla is going private? How will I be able to exist without the joy that is her self-centered blog.

Help me get through this.

PS - I don't think shopping will work.

The Red Pen said...

As am I.

Julie and Rob said...

It's awesome how shopping make the world seem brighter. Diet coke and new shoes are all I ever need to feel good about myself...

Mrs. Clark said...

Wish shopping with my dad was that much fun.

Shar said...

Love it! So glad the earrings were not for him. Especially if they were danglies or cubic studs.

somethinggirl said...

Aw, you're so lucky to have a cool dad, albeit one who doesn't know that pleats in pants make one look fatter and shorter than one really is.

I just ended a sentence with "is". Was that okay?

Benjamin said...

So then your dad comes home and demands that we all tell him whether the clothes are good choices. Please! Wasn't that your job? Does this mean he doesn't trust you? Ho-ho, the idea of his not trusting you and coming to me for advice instead is ludicrosity itself.

PS Am I hurt that you didn't come over that night? Yes. A dagger. A dagger in my heart.