The mormonchildbride is going on hiatus. Until June 1st.


1. I know NONE of you know about this, because I NEVER talk about it, but I've been in Grad School. I finished what was supposed to be a two-year degree in one year. It sucked. There were significant stretches of time where I saw the Spouse for maybe two minutes a day.

2. Spouse, meanwhile, started a small business. I know. I THIS economy. It was fun. But reduced our two minutes to about 30 seconds.

Essentially, I will be spending time with Spouse and not my laptop. (I love you forever, though, AlsoMichael).

3. A break from blogging also means a break from comments (not published) that go like this :You suck, your husband sucks, your blog sucks, you can't spell, your religions sucks/you suck at your religion, etc. A break from those for a month? Hell-to-the-yes.

4. I have ADD. (It wouldn't be a MCB post if I didn't attribute all life choices to mis-firing synapses.) I know if I intend to continue grumbling on the internet, I need to take breaks.

5. I'm unemployed, *un-in-schooled, and a Democrat is in the White House. What do I have to complain, ahem, I mean, blog about anyways?

* and by unemployed, I mean FUNEMPLOYED.

Love and Kisses,until June.

Stephanie Anne Mormonchildbride.

(and also Spouse.)