The mormonchildbride is going on hiatus. Until June 1st.


1. I know NONE of you know about this, because I NEVER talk about it, but I've been in Grad School. I finished what was supposed to be a two-year degree in one year. It sucked. There were significant stretches of time where I saw the Spouse for maybe two minutes a day.

2. Spouse, meanwhile, started a small business. I know. I THIS economy. It was fun. But reduced our two minutes to about 30 seconds.

Essentially, I will be spending time with Spouse and not my laptop. (I love you forever, though, AlsoMichael).

3. A break from blogging also means a break from comments (not published) that go like this :You suck, your husband sucks, your blog sucks, you can't spell, your religions sucks/you suck at your religion, etc. A break from those for a month? Hell-to-the-yes.

4. I have ADD. (It wouldn't be a MCB post if I didn't attribute all life choices to mis-firing synapses.) I know if I intend to continue grumbling on the internet, I need to take breaks.

5. I'm unemployed, *un-in-schooled, and a Democrat is in the White House. What do I have to complain, ahem, I mean, blog about anyways?

* and by unemployed, I mean FUNEMPLOYED.

Love and Kisses,until June.

Stephanie Anne Mormonchildbride.

(and also Spouse.)


mathistown said...

you will be missed. but i TOTALLY understand. wish i were as done as you!!

Ace said...

After reading your blog for awhile; I've forgotten how... um... controversial you are. controversial? Do you really get that many nasty comments? Meh... IGNORE THE TROLLS, and remember, nice people almost never leave comments.

Melissapher said...

Hooray for breaks and FUNemployement. We're doing the latter and it's GREAT.

Have a fantabulous break & keep being awesome & grumbling. You're very funny when you grumble.

Mrs. M said...

Funemployed. You crack me up! See you when you get back~enjoy your time with your hubby :)

JustMe said...

You suck.

What am I supposed to do for my "blog fix" until June?

Love you anyhow.

Lena said...

Haha! I will miss your posts MCB. As long as some of your time spent with Spouse, can also be spent with us. I dont want to wait till June to talk to you again!

gurrbonzo said...


MamaBear said...

we'll miss you. if you want to learn how to deal with hate mail/comments, go to she has a definite perspective. she makes me laugh every day.

enjoy your hiatus!

Katie said...

It's probably totally wrong that I'm jealous of your Funemployment. At least that's what my car payment says.


Have a great time!

MJ said...

You will be missed!

And I completely understand about the vaca from stupid comments!

Sarah holman said...

Good for you! take some time out for yourself! It is always needed and will definitely make you feel way better about everything. Hopefully you can also take a way fun trip somewhere. That is what I would do!

jhjonze said...

I discovered your blog off of Seriously So Blessed. I've been a closet blogstalker for a while and haven't wanted to say hi because I am guilty of a lot of the things you make fun of. However, I CAN and DO laugh at myself and so I just wanted to say that I find your blog highly enjoyable!

You deserve a hiatus, but I will miss you!

Oh and I think Obama is great so take that everyone.

Julie and Rob said...

Um, so, I'm just impressed you finished a two year degree in one... that's AWESOME!

Go you.

Motherboard said...

Bummer. Cause you're funny.

Kimbooly said...

Katie's comment is funny. LOL.

And Motherboard pretty much sums it up for all of us.

Since I've been on a hiatus myself (I also attribute it to my ADD going off on non-blogging tangents this month), I wish you a very belated sendoff.

Except you better come back soon.

Kimbooly said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I just noticed your hiatus is only until June 1st. You won't even see my comments until you're already back! That's the fun of ADD--just about the time I could start missing you, you'll be back.

I crack me up.

Mrs. Clark said...

Yay! Tomorrow is June 1st, and you will be back! Hope you had a nice hiatus. Missed you!