families are forever

So my Grandparents temporarily returned home from their mission in New Mexico to attend the much anticipated wedding of my cousin Lindsey.

Upon seeing me at the wedding, the first thing my Grandmother said to me was:

"You know, you CAN actually be pretty if you fuss a little. You should fuss more. You COULD be gorgeous."

Um. Thanks?

Edit: If you have crazy relative stories-share.


amanda said...

oh my gosh. that sounds soooo much like how my grandma talks to my sister.

my sister will spend a half hour doing her hair and then when my grandma sees her she'll ask, "emily, aren't you going to do your hair today? it could look so pretty like this..."


i heard it poured at the reception that was supposed to be outside. my parents said they helped move everything inside and had to go home and shower and change because they got so soaked. i'm sure it turned out beautiful though. rain on the wedding day is supposed to be lucky, right?

Jessica said...

I got married so I wouldn't have to fuss anymore.

Brooke said...

Ouch!! What did you say to that? Families are the greatest -- especially when they're "constructively critical."

P.S. I should probably introduce myself ... I'm a new blog-stalker of yours sent over by Kathleen.

Nemesis said...


Mrs. Clark said...

Sounds like the kind of thing my mom says to my kids. She told my son's MIL (the night before the wedding!) that she thought they were too young and they should wait to get married. The MIL was having cancer treatments at the time, so fortunately she was hopped up on morphine. Sheesh.

C said...

Gotta love family...I was always told by my mother and grandmother that I should never wear my hair up, because my ears are too big, and I'll look awful. To this day I'm paranoid anytime I have to wear my hair up. Talk about inspiring self-confidence!

Love your blog! :)

Lisa Louise said...

wow your grandma and my aunt should be friends. I was at a family baptism on saturday and aunt proceeds to pester me and her son (my cousin) all afternoon as to why neither of us are married yet. Literally said, "what is wrong with you two?" I didn't realize it meant something was wrong with me that I wasn't married yet!

Femme Facetious said...

My grandma once told me this shortly after my 19th birthday: "Thank goodness you have FINALLY grown out of your awkward stage! Maybe now you will date?"

Thanks Grandma.

Hilary said...

When I was engaged, my Mom made the comment, "You are so lucky to find Greg. I mean, yeah, you've lost a lot of weight, but he still could've married someone thinner!"
Um, thanks. :-)

Brandon said...

HA! I just found a cousin of mine on Face and during our catch up e-mails she told me that I was "notorious for not committing to a girl and settling down." Really? Me? I've only been in a committed relationship for over six years now. Family! You have to love em. Right?

Jen Nelson said...

When I got engaged my Grandmother happened to be at my parents house. I ran in to show everyone and said, "look Grandma!" and help up my newly ringed hand.

Her reply, "I got a new ring too!" and pointed to a silver ring on her pinky.

and that. was. it.

gurrbonzo said...

A senior citizen relative once said to me:

"WOW! You aren't NEARLY as fat as you used to be!"



James McOmber said...

Tell grandma you'll fuss her ass into the grass if she says anything like that again.