an insight into the life of spouseman

"You can't stab me right now! I'm being CUTE AND AFFECTIONATE AND ADORABLE!"

Later, when I told him that I intended to blog his quote, he went silent for a minute, pondered, and shrugged. "It is fairly symbolic of our relationship, you know."


MrsM said...

Too funny. I decided long ago that cuteness and affectionate behavior are the natural defense mechanisms of children. Not that your husband is a child [insert foot into mouth]just that he learned the secret well and was able to keep it going. Not all of us (*ahem*me*ahem*) can be quite as cute as we once were.

Lena said...

That is classic spouseman. And thats why we love him.

Jake and Jenna said...

i don't think you're a creeper, don't worry. leave me another comment with your email and i'd be happy to add you! thanks for reading my friend.

Michelle said...