sometimes i experience massive surges of feminist rage*

like when I drive down to BYU for a professional development class, and see "for rent" signs advertising "Girl's Housing" and "Men's Housing."

or like when my fake-boss at my fake-job orders t-shirts for us to wear, and the women's size extra large, when tried on by yours truly, is like unto an ace bandage wrapped around my chest. Do I work at Hooters now? wtf.

or like when my preferred feminist rage luncher decides to move to damn Iowa. Abandoning me in my rage.....

*edit: I forgot my asterisk and forgot why I had one in the first place.


Mrs. Clark said...

Your fake boss at your fake job is a real idiot. Maybe he got kids' sizes by mistake.

And I agree with you about the Girls' Housing and Men's Housing signs at BYU. I experienced PLENTY of sex discrimination while my husband was in school. I had a degree, but I was a "BYU wife." Of course, that meant I was going to get pregnant tomorrow if I wasn't already, and therefore would be useless to train for any meaningful work. And I didn't take shorthand or type over 100 wpm. Worst time of my life, but also the best in some ways! I wouldn't do it again for less than $7 million.

Mrs. M said...

I understand about the cotton shirt has ever been able to fit the girls right, so I try to avoid anything that makes it mandatory for me to wear one!

gurrbonzo said...

I hear you. Rage will continue from several states away. In my bar studies it seems like judges are always "he" and the only time a token "she" gets thrown in is for criminal defendants.