take that, management.

The fake-management would like me to obey employee policy and wear a name tag.

In a throw-the-girl-a-bone move, they said I could use the label-maker all by myself, even! (Wow! Thanks! I must be a big girl.)

So I gave in, and I made one.*

Hi, my name is BestServerEvah, and I'll be your server tonight!

*And when I say "I," I mean "I coerced a younger and more impressionable employee to do it for me. "


Lindsey said...

hey steph! where are you working? i hope life is good!

gurrbonzo said...

I love you.

Admission: I once worked at Shoney's, and when I did, my nametag said Rockstar, and I got "written up."

Lena said...

I hope they let you keep it. That is awesome. So did you all go see The Proposal with out me the other day?

Heidi said...

My brother-in-law worked at a Six Flags during high school and told them his name was Theman with a space between the e and the m. Therefore, his name tag read "THE MAN".

Delurking to say hello and I love you and I love your blog. Anyone who rants at you for how you write or live your life or your religion is not worth the internet bandwidth. Unfortunately, witty and unique people will forever have to deal with unkind and ridiculous comments. I think you are awesome and I'm glad you're back to blogging.