whats up internets?

Nothing very exciting to report here. My fake restaurant job is kind of taking over my life, and I don't know how I feel about this. Restaurant recently changed locations, and went from being a complete hole in the wall cafe that could seat 15 to a huge restaurant that can seat 75 and serves real food. People were waiting 45 minutes for said food, which befuddled me until I took a look at our clientele-

Turns out our new restaurant attracts every Chi-O* past and present, their moms, and their snotty husbands. More specifically, these are people who are perfectly willing to wait an hour to be seated at Cheesecake Factory. Guess what else? Our food is only slightly less mediocre.**

Anyways, I wish I had more to report to you, but the only things I have been thinking about lately are how I think Seminary is sort of a waste of time (blasphemy, and something Spouse and I disagree on)*** How I really need to fold the enormous piles of clean laundry I had squirreled away all over our house because I didn't have time to iron/fold it all before my Grandma came into town to inspect her house, and how I am very tempted to use my next paycheck to buy stacks and stacks of adolescent literature.

So if you want to hear about any of that, let me know, I guess.

*I'm mostly joking about the Chi-O thing (Chi Omega sorority at the University of Utah) I know some very nice Chi O people. And only one of their husbands was really snotty, and I'm sure the moms are probably nice in real life. But I can spot them a mile away. Please don't send your new pledges to toilet paper my house. I AM TOTALLY JOKING. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

**Except for the fruit tarts. Those 4 inch pieces of goodness are worth the $6.40. And the macaroons. And the Turkey Club Pannini. And if you totally know where I work now, please only visit me if you are a normal.

***Shocker. We are united only in our love of raw fish and religious association.


MamaBear said...

c'mon MCB, tell us (anonymous internet stalkers) all your boring stories! that's what blogs are for (for details, check out my own, deepthoughts here at blogger).

my new motto: i may be vain enough to blog but i will not twitter.

JustMe said...

I don't love raw fish. But I do love reading your blogs.

Mar said...

Hee hee! I just realized where you work. Every time I drive by there--no matter the hour, it is packed. I am normal. May I visit?

Lena said...

We need to go eat raw fish together. I dont really like it, but most places have some good other stuff. Also, I am a bad friend for not knowing where you work? Or am I just uncultured for not recognizing the menu?

Mrs. Clark said...

Well, I think the ten years I spent dragging my sorry carcass out of bed at 5:15 a.m. to get my kids to seminary were worth it. Though it never, ever got easier. I think my kids needed the religious shot in the arm before they entered the cesspool that was their high school every day. And they all graduated!

Penel said...

I am a proud Chi Omega alumni, and I plan on coming into your restaurant with my book club in the next couple of weeks. I will be on my best behavior, but I am not guaranteeing the behavior of my book club pals!

The Red Pen said...

People who would wait an hour at Cheesecake Factory are such a species of their own. I remember when they opened, I thought I wanted some cheesecake (who doesn't?) but was told my party of 10 would be on a 6-7 hour wait. I'm not adding the seven on for effect, either.

Adolescent literature? Why would you skip over that? We could discuss it!