*ps, BE SAFE

Nothing is more romantic than taking yourself on a late night walk around the neighborhood.

Nothing is more terrifying than walking by a supposedly empty car, only to have in lurch violently towards you just as you pass by.

Nothing is more awkward than looking in the unrolled windows of said car to see that what you thought was an eight-legged monster trying to break free of its Honda Civic prison is in fact two teenagers going at it in the back seat.

Nothing is more pathetic than following up your initial mini-scream that could probably only be heard by dogs, with an "uh, hey, um, sorry, okay, bye."*

the end.

ps. Thanks to all who played nicely in the last post. I so enjoy the internet, don't you?


MandoRama said...

Just wrong. Next time you go walking, take along a condom to throw in the window.

stewbert said...


sounds like something i'd do, only i wouldn't have written so well about it. sheesh, i can't even come up with the words i'm trying to say in my comment.

man, i'm a lame stalker.

Lauren Palmer said...

Don't worry, I was using protection. Sorry you had to see that. Maybe we'll go behind the ole ward building next time, granted it's a monday night and everyone's having FHE.

MrsM said...

LMAO~they should at least take the time to go someplace only the cops will happen by!

My husband and I used to go on an old abandoned road out to a railroad track that wasn't in operation anymore and park behind an old rail car, which was behind a grove of trees, which was about four miles away from the nearest street with traffic on it. The only other people we ever saw out there were other kids parked in their cars and occasionally a cop to bust them (though luckily never us) for public indecency.

La Yen said...

That would make me bring a Super Soaker on my walks. But I am cranky that way.

MamaBear said...

i stalk you lots. i love you in a weird internet way. HOWever:

" eight-legged monster trying to break free of it's Honda Civic prison..."

major grammatical error, and i AM the grammar nazi. can we identify it?

so i'm the mean commenter person today. you needed one. :D

Sarah holman said...

Once again you have made me laugh out loud. Better yet, Laugh out loud so as to draw attention to the fact that I am obviously doing something other that really working.
Totally worth it!