Things got heavy there for a second, didn't they? Awkward silence on the internet.

Anyway, I have really awesome news for you.

Dan took the test on facebook called "Which Harry Potter character are you?"

He is Luna Lovegood.

Then I took it.

I'm Draco Malfoy.


Then we took the "Which President are you?" quiz.

He's Clinton.


Even hotter?

So am I.


mommy dearest said...

i am harry potter and gerald ford. go figure. at least i'm honest.

Benjamin said...

this doesn't surprise me at all except maybe he could be hermione granger because he's so smart and moral, you know--boy i sure hate people like that. but maybe that's why he's married to you and not to me. no i'm just kidding he's a+ in my book. you know who isn't? your sister, that's right. do you know i don't think she's made any attempts to contact me since april. i've decided that at least one of these statements therefore must be true: either (1) she is dead or (2) she is dead to me. it's a good thing you have this blog otherwise i wouldn't have any contact with you either, which would be sad. one day when i am an english teacher and before i give up and quit we will work together at the same school in adjacent rooms and we'll eat lunch together and make fun of people aka tell it like it is. ugh i've been reading portrait of the artist as a young man, does it show? goodbye, goodbye!

MandoRama said...

I'm so relieved that you were Clinton. I can continue to blogstalk you with confidence.

MrsM said...

Nothing lightens the mood like random (non-intellectual) quizzes!

NIKOL said...

I don't know if I can be internet friends with someone who is Draco Malfoy according to Facebook. You know those quizzes are so very accurate. This might be my last comment here. You understand.

Did you also take the quiz to see which Hogwarts teacher you are? I got Madame Sprout. Borrrrrrring!

Kris said...

We must be kindred spirits. I'm Professor Quirrel. I was really hoping for Dolores Umbridge.

Plain Jame said...

I have refused those quizzes for some time now because frankly the world doesn't care who I am.

Mrs. Clark said...

You gotta take the How Mormon Are You? one. My poor daughter got only 25% because she wants to finish school before she gets married and she naps during Sacrament meeting.

kallie said...

LOL! I'm Harry Potter! I guess we are enemies now.........

Sarah holman said...

That is hilarious. I never take those quizes on Facebook, but maybe I ought to.