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Sometimes people ask me questions, and I never get around to answering them. So here, in no particular order, is a list of answers to questions/situations. Look closely, maybe I'll answer something you asked.

1. How did I resolve the graduation quandary? Well people, I wanted a picture of me in my awesome I-Have-A-Masters-Degree-So-I-Am-Better-Than-You robes so badly that I actually showed up to my graduation ceremony. I put on my hood. I took a bunch of pictures. Then I left. Mission Psych Out Westminster Accomplished.

2. What is the best way to cure hiccups? Yoga Breathing. Even though I don't do yoga.

3. Will I ever drive a mini-van? Why the hell not? If I am lucky enough to have enough kids to need a mini-van, and the resources to even by one, sure, I will drive one. It beats a gas guzzling Escalade every day. I sort of hate people who are snobs about stupid things. (Unless it is a stupid thing I am a snob about, then it is fine, of course.) Want to know what I think is a waste of time, snobbery wise? I will tell you.


1. Going out of state for college. You went out of state? Good for you. I don't care. But if you get up in my grill about how the fact that I both saved money and got to go to an awesome in-state school, I will cut you. Or make fun of you on the internet. Whatever.

2. Geographically snottiness of any sort. I hate people who hate on Utah, because all places have their share of good and bad, and in the swing of things, I think Utah is all right. On the other hand, I hate it when people refer to out-of-Utah as "The Mission Field" or won't live anywhere outside Utah because a Non-Mormon majority is just too evil. Geographical Snobs? We are not friends.

3. Car Snobs. Mini-Vans. A Cheap and Safe Way To Haul Around Kids. I like cheap and safe. People who don't are silly.


1. As previously discussed, hot, liberal, sexy, intellectual elitism. Take me now, Toby.

2. My awesome robes at graduation. Did I mention my hood was a bright aquamarine color, with some purple thrown in for good measure? My father was thrilled.

3. People who recognize the superiority of sewing over all other forms of crafting.

The end.


AzĂșcar said...

My sewing machine is in the shop.

I am bereft.

MamaBear said...

i love you MCB. the end.

~j. said...


Kristen said...

Have I mentioned that I am jealous that you got to wear a fabulous hood at graduation? I'm starting my master's this fall and at my school I'm pretty sure no one gets hooded for master's degrees. Damn PhD candidates, hogging all the spotlight. I want my hood!

And also: you will have to fight me for Toby. Or perhaps we could make an arrangement of sorts.

NIKOL said...

I LOVE that you went to graduation just to get pictures of yourself in the robes. That's beyond awesome! Are you going to post some pictures? I'd love to see the aqua and purple action.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Funny. Also, wanted you to know that I often consider getting a PhD specifically for the graduation outfit. Too bad it takes work to get that outfit.

Lauren Palmer said...

And those of us who live outside of Utah ALSO hate it when people refer to our homes as "in the mission field." F that.

Tammy said...

can we add living in daybreak to the snobby things not worth being snobby about?

Aunt Spicy said...

Love this post...especially cause I didn't go to my graduation ceremony for my masters and so secretly want photos of me in the cap and gown, AND cause I hate the idea that Utah is NOT part of the mission field, AND that sewing rocks!

Rynell said...

I completely agree. Utah is awesome, so are other places. I never could understand why people said we lived in a field when I was a kid living outside of Utah.