a day in the life

Spouse: "So the job is totally awesome, I'd be helping kids who are having trouble in high school, like kids who have bad attendance or just don't go."


"Kind of like you."


"And some of them have drug problems."

(Pause. Realization where this might be going. Look of horror.)

"Which is totally not like you."

Child Bride: (Mentally.)

"That is what you think."

In other news, parts of me that never saw sun saw sun last week, and are now peeling at an alarming rate. What? I don't even get a tan with my melanoma? Damn.


Lena said...

You and I arevery much alike in that respect MCB. Hopefully next time it will be more tan.

Sarah said...

if it makes you feel any better, harry and i are both peeling at an alarming rate. it's like having dandruff on your face. i feel your pain.

Nicole said...

I missed 63 days of school my senior year. I only graduated because of my vice principal, who said to me, "If you can get A's without coming to class, who am I to make you go?"

God bless that man and his shredder.

Becca said...

Its worse when you go out fully clothed, and get a burn on your scalp. Giant nasty flakes of dandruff and since I used sunblock NOTHING else is even red. Grrr.

MrsM said...

I don't tan, I freckle. My only hope is that someday my freckles will blend together and create the illusion of a tan. LoL.

The Boob Nazi said...

I see nothing wrong with having ditched tons of school in high school. (Okay, and college.... And grad school.)

NIKOL said...

I do not tan. Ever. Pale people unite!