I LOVE getting emails from President Barack Obama.

even if it is a form.


MrsM said...

Hee hee. That's definitely why we should blog together. What kind of super awesome form did you get?

The Boob Nazi said...

When I read the first part, I was like, okaaay Scarlett Johansson haha.

Taralyn said...

OK-I don't know you or how I came across your blog - but this post made me laugh out loud!!! Thank You for the smile and the reminder of simple things that make one smile!!! Have a Fab Day!!!

Sarah said...

Truth: I sent Obama a wedding announcement.

Another truth: I was hoping I'd get SOMETHING in return. An acknowledgement saying something like "Thank you for writing the White House." A postcard. An index card. Heck, I would have settled for a really expensive wedding gift too.

MCB, I am truly jealous of you.

As usual.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Me, too.

The Red Pen said...

I know! I'll occasionally get one from Michelle too. And Mitch. But it makes me feel special getting one from Barry.

Can you tell I'm going thru your posts now, catching up after the month off?