i find them bothersome.

Missionaries who argue politics. Don't you have anything better to do?

This shouldn't surprise you. I don't like it when people who are supposed to be talking about Jesus talk about socialists.


AzĂșcar said...


lindsey said...

You know what else is bothersome?

Missionaries who are racist. I mean, I know we're all human, but don't talk bad about Mexicans when I am feeding you a free meal. You just may get kicked out.

Nicole said...

Amen. If they are doing their job the way they are supposed to, they shouldn't be "in the loop" enough to really discuss political issues intelligently.

But come to think of it, being out of the loop doesn't stop most people from spouting off about socialists, does it?

Becca said...

Last spring we had the missionaries over doing some service at our house while the hubby was at work. I pretty much stayed inside with the baby, but when I went out to take them water I started laughing. They were talking about movies.

But, movie talk by people who haven't seen a movie in over a year is way better than politics.

Jen, RN said...

As a former missionary I can say that I knew nothing about what was going on politically-and it was during 9/11-but we did enjoy quoting "old" movies!

Ben said...

They're clueless and naive teenagers anyway. But I don't agree with Nicole. On my mission we talked with people all day long. Soccer, politics, etc. Not that we pushed an opinion, merely building a relationship. If you talk with enough people you certainly are plugged in.

Rynell said...

I agree!

And golly I hate it when gospel doctrine lesson turns into a political lesson.

stewbert said...

y'know what else bugs? extremely local politics (think HOA board for a complex of less than 200 homes) turn into arguments about which arguing faction is arguing in a more christ-like fashion.

neither of them were, in fact.