i have learned my lesson.

At the Cafe, we give unusual customers nick-names, often inappropriate. Among these customers are a group of southern women we refer to as the "Southern Yelles."* Because not only do they pray over their food before eating, they do it loudly, in amusing Southern accents. One may argue that they yell their prayers. There is much praising of Our Lord and Jesus.

It is always awkward to serve them, because you will be refilling their water before the appetizer comes, and all of the sudden, without any warning, one of them will start pray yelling (prelling?), and reaching for each other's hands. (Which is usually how i get a fist in the stomach if I'm not careful).

Anyway, I usually pawn off the Southern Yelles on a new employee, but I got stuck with them tonight, and was sort of dreading it.

But no longer. Those crazy ice-tea addicts tipped me 55%.

God Bless the Southern Yelles. I will never make fun of you again.

*They also have another, more inappropriate name, which I had no problem with until I typed it out. Then I realized that it was super blasphemous. Funny how different things look in type.


Nookleerman said...

Wait, what was the other name? I've got to know!!! Could you just add it with cleverly placed asterisks, or $$'s instead of S's and @'s instead of a's? Cuz it's not really cursing if you use funny symbols instead of actual letters.

Lena said...

We do the same thing to our members here at the bank. It is hilarious on our end, but I feel pretty bad telling others the names.

stewbert said...

lol. praise the good tippers!!

but i wanna know what the more inappropriate nickname is. hahaha.

Sarah said...

i wonder if they'd tip you more if you joined in.

Sarah said...

i wonder if they'd tip you more if you joined in.

Tammy said...

I will miss hearing about the funny stories this job has to offer but congrats on the new one.