Sometimes when I get to feeling down about my (nearly over) Summer of Serving at The Worst Restaurant Ever, I watch Gilmore Girls, and I realize my situation could have been a lot worse.

For instance, I could have been Lane Kim, who had to be a server after finding out she was pregnant with honeymoon twins.

Perspective is a beautiful thing.

ps. a few people, (including e-friend Ace) have expressed concern that my bashing of my place of employment will get me fired. I am touched by the concern, but let us remember that I do a job 15 year olds could do. (Did I ever mention that one of the bussers is a former student?) Should I get fired the results will:

a. not go on a resume, nor do I ever intend to use anyone from this establishment as a reference.

b. start my weekend that much earlier, since I have only 4 days left before I quit and go back to my real life of working in schools with hormonal teenagers. And, YES THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD.

Also, I refuse to wear a name tag with my actual name. I do not wear the required "uniform." I am often late. I vocally and frequently disagree with my superiors. I refuse to work on days/shifts for no logical reason. The fact that I am not already fired is a miracle, and a testament to how truly lousy work conditions are.

So fear not, gentle readers. Fear not.


alishka babushka said...

oh. my. gosh. i love Gilmore Girls! It's one of my favorites. :o)

Crystal said...

Also Lane had that whole issue with beach sand in all the wrong places. And her mother wanting to move in with her because she was having those twins.

Would you prefer to never work at crappy restaurant again or would you like to see Gordon Ramsey take a bite out of the owners?

Alyosha said...

Yay for Gilmore Girls! I just watched all seven seasons!

By the way, I was sad you didn't make it to craft night while I was in town--I really wanted to meet you!

Ace said...

I think you should delete this post... IT WILL GET YOU FIRED. Thank goodness for Lifetime television reruns of Gilmore Girls. I'm sooo glad the rerun arc is past the whole Max Medina stint. I can't think of a time I disliked Lorelei more.

NIKOL said...

Your job at the cafe reminds me a little bit of a job I had in college. I was working my way through school, and had a job at a paging company. That was back before texting. If you wanted to send someone a text message, you had to call a message dispatch operator, tell them what the message shoudl say, and then the dispatcher would type it in and send it. It was a horrible, thankless, brainless job. I only worked there because it had hours that worked with my school schedule. After graduating, when I landed my first "real" job, I quit the paging company without giving any notice. While I was filling out the form to get my final paycheck, my supervisor there acted like I was commiting treason or something and said, "You know that if you quit without any notice, you will never be eligible for rehire. You'll never be able to work here again."

I looked at him with a wide smile and said, "I'm counting on it."

AzĂșcar said...

Plus, Lane was married to that weird dorky geek that wasn't Seth Cohen. You are not.

Halley said...

I can't believe you're still winning in all of this tomfoolery. Do the still produce cappuccinos that are exactly the same thing as a latte?