some people have no shame.

Like the crazy eclair lady. *Remember crazy eclair lady? Who threw eclairs at my head at work?

Today, she returned. In big I'm-trying-to-go-incognito-by-wearing-huge-sunglasses-inside. Acting like she hadn't chucked eclairs at my head.

Apparently, she wanted eclairs again. Good thing we were out. I would have had to apply for hazard pay.

I've actually had this happen several times. Crazy customers who do clusterfluck things, then come back acting like nothing happened. Acting like the staff is too stupid to remember the people who leave nasty notes on the napkins, to fail to tip, or throw french pastries at our heads.

We remember you. And oh-AAAAAAHHHHCHOOOO. My goodness. I just had to sneeze. All over your food. Excuse me. Just Kidding. Sort of.

*purple items are links. in honor of dad


MrsM said...

I know staff person's remember. That's why I refuse to eat out with my MIL =) Some people are just asking for the sneeze/loogie.

Crazy Walker said...

Oh. My. For some reason though, it doesn't surprise me that a lady crazy enough to chuck an eclair at your head would have no qualms about coming back, again and again, and pretending like nothing happened. Crazy lady.

Lena said...

Mine wasn't purple....

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Amazing that somebody who was angry enough to throw eclairs at you would actually come back for more. I think I'd be tempted to put her through a security screening metal detector to check for weapons before talking to her.