what i think about whilst quite gloomy on a saturday night.


-Spousetotheman is hanging out with his boyfriend before said boyfriend and wife move to California. I stayed for the food, then left them to gaze into each other's eyes and speak computer language, which consists of lots of the number 1 and the number 0 and more acronyms than an education program. (NCLB, IDEA, MAT, MED, IEP, SPED....) Before I left, Spouse turned to me and said, misty eyed, Derekis so smart. I wish I was as smart as Derek. Get a room, Spouseman, get a room. *

-I am tired of talking to HR people in districts who tell me that LAST year they had tons and tons of English and History teaching positions. TONS. Where was I last year? Getting your Masters? Oh. Too Bad.

-Likewise, I am tired of feeling excessively humble, or downright apologetic about discussing my Grad-School Related Accomplishments. I am tired of talking about it like it is a joke so that I don't offend people. This means you, Philosophie. This means you, other, and equally insecure people. You are damn right. I am proud of my Degree.I am proud of working hard and finishing at 22. I better be proud. I'll be paying that off for a long time. And I will mention it whenever I want.

-It is very important to note right this minute that while I am proud of my accomplishment, I don't think it renders me smarter than anybody else. Or better. Or cooler. Maybe sexier, but not better. And I don't think everyone should go. Go if you want. Or not. Do something equally cool. Have a kid, Get a job, Become a nun. Whatever! Your accomplishments are equally cool and valid! We are all friends!

-But why is it that dudes can mention grad school whenever they want, and no one gets mad. Something about it being their job, you know, as providers. Or Something. Don't mind me, over here, burning my bra.

-Summer disagrees with me and makes me gloomy. I like school. I am good at school. I think, given the chance, I would be good at teaching school.

-When will I start fake teaching? Ask the fetus in the real teacher's womb. He or She is in charge of my future, little shcmuck.

-You know what will cheer me up right now? Chocolate Mousse Brownie Cake Version Two. Made with rum.


*Dan's boyfriend doesn't make me gloomy. I too am sad at his and Desi's departure.


Crystal said...

You should be proud! Go you! and in response to you burning your bra I give you Amy Gardner's response (tho I didn't like that she got up in Josh and Donna's kool aid, she was fun sometimes) "I didn't burn my bras, J. In fact, I like my bras."

Hope that fetus gets an early eviction notice (safely of course) so you can teach sooner. :)

April said...

This might brighten your day:

I was a teacher when I got pregnant with my first child. I couldn't tell the school that I wasn't coming back after my maternity leave because I would lose my benefits and not get paid for my leave (which I totally earned!). So, maybe real-teacher is pullin' the same thing and you'll have a real job sooner than you think!

Love you're blog. Always good for a chuckle in the A.M.

The Boob Nazi said...

WHAT????? Who is making you feel bad for finishing grad school and what not? Eff that. I want to write "M.S." after every single thing I sign when I graduate. Doctors can do it, so why can't I? And my CCC-SLP too. Everything I sign, "Boob Nazi, M.S., CCC-SLP." Pretty much. My first year of grad school was the worst thing I've ever done. Being accused of being a mass murderer, grandpa falling ill, sucking it up first semester, getting kind of down, gaining 30 pounds, etc. IT SUCKED. I earned my bragging rights.
And I think I'm done now.

Julie and Rob said...

Um... totally gunna have to agree with this post.

Gloomy or not.

I'm also proud of my degree. Why should I have to appologize for getting my law degree instead of getting pregnant??


Chief said...

I think I am in love with your cynicism.

That is all

Mrs. Clark said...

You call that grumpy? I'm not callin' that grumpy. As for your advanced degree--you go, girl!

I am sorry your friends are moving. It seems like that happens all the time, but I promise you will still be friends 20 years from now. And with Facebook, email, and blogs, it'll be just like they live around the corner!

Maree said...

I also think you should be proud of your degree--you worked hard for it, right?

My spouseman also has geek boyfriends. Sometimes their wives and I "translate" the acronyms. Because we sure don't understand what they're talking about. I feel your pain!

I also do not like hot, summer weather. 70 all year long would be perfect, no?

MrsM said...

Anyone who gets so upset over people mentioning their degrees that they write/say rude things isn't happy with what they're doing in their own lives.

Because they are boring and they suck (in case that wasn't clear above).

I don't have a degree of any kind because I chose to have kids and be a stay at home mom instead. I love what I do, but I still think it's totally rockin' that you got your degree! You've earned your right to talk about it =)

My sister is a 22 year old high school teacher and I'm very proud of her-speaking of which if you want to really be in demand, be a math teacher! Of course, then you'd have to teach math.....

James McOmber said...

You should start a club called "Degree-holders Without Dicks".

Lena said...

I think I want some of that cake too! I am so sad we could not come taste it. I think you should fill your void with me and Nik.

Talina said...

That's interesting because whenever I tell someone (confess?) that I have my master's degree in Biochem they are like, "Holy crap, you are the smartest person I know!" . . . or something to that affect. I used to think, "Geez, I wonder if they'd make that big a deal if I were a guy. . . probably not." But it doesn't bother me. I LOVE it!
I HATED grad school (though I'm glad I did it. The process just sucked) and I still kinda feel like I have to explain why I ONLY have a Masters and NOT a PhD. So when people gush about the smartness that is me (my favorite are the little old women in my ward. They LOVE my life choices and basically encourage me to D**M the man! They are going to be so disapointed when I have kids), I soak it all in and enjoy it.
Sorry you don't get that reaction. But be proud! You accomplished something amazing (ESPECIALLY by doing it by 22!) and just gloat in it. And feel free to feel intellectual superiority, just try to hide it ;)