fun facts

1. For once, I am not watching West Wing. I am watching Pride and Prejudice. The new(ish) one. (Reminded of it's existence by Nemesis.)

I have back and forth feelings on the film, but overall, I like it. Plus, it is one of the few Austen movies that really convince me that people who are supposed to be poor are actually poor. Remember in Sense and Sensibility (the Emma Thompson one,) when they have to move? And it is supposedly some great tragedy? And then you see their new home, and you think "I'd live there!" Yeah. I just didn't feel a lot of sympathy in that situation. Not based on the visuals, at least.

2. Speaking of homes, we still search. I have about near given up. Do you live in a reasonably priced neighborhood in the general Salt Lake Area? (We are not zip code snobs, when I mean the general Salt Lake area, I mean places beyond Holladay and Sugar House.) Anyway, if you do, will you sell me your house? Or convince your neighbors to move? Think of it! You could be neighbors with an anti-social, perpetually grumpy, and vaguely socially retarded Child Bride! Surely, my presence will increase the value of your property. Plus, Spouseman is very affable and also enjoys gifting people with grubby taps, *ahem, I mean tarts.

3. I simply don't understand the need for overly themed children's bedrooms. Isn't the presence of a child enough to establish the room as a kid's room? Is it really necessary to paint a Buzz Lightyear mural? I maintain that it is not.

4. I like color in a house, really I do. My father painted my sister's room a lovely pale green color. He has several walls painted red, yellow, and blue. It all looks very nice, I swear.

5. I do not like it when the entire interior of a house is painted pink. Every. Single. Wall. I didn't like the view of the refineries either, but the pink....Oh. The. Pink.

6. Frankly, I'd take a Bronte (insert umlauts in your mind,) novel over an Austen any day. But I'd take an Austen movie over a Bronte (umlauts, add them,) in a heartbeat. (Go figure.)

7. How do you add the umlauts?

That is all.

*If you recognize that little allusion:

a. You are a little disturbed.
b. You would be good friends with Dan's boyfriend, Derek.
c. Seriously. Disturbed.


The Boob Nazi said...

My apartment complex is all one bedrooms. You could come live near meeee. I think it's reasonably priced for a one bedroom, but I might also be crazy?

Michemily said...

I guess I'm not disturbed. I kind of wish I were, though. But anyway, if you have a Mac, adding the umlauts is easy. Click alt and U and you will get this: ¨. Then type the letter that should go under it. So: alt+U together, then E=


Julie T. B. Hansen said...

For how much we fought in London, we having a surprising amount of the same views... ( :

Pooh said...

If you were typing/writing in German/auf Deutsch, you could just add an 'e' to the right of the umlauted vowel and the umlauts would be understood. The German gov't decided they needed to simplify some of their symbols when the age of the internet arrived. You can also substitute 'ss' in place of that large thing that looks like a cursive capital 'B'.

Give me Deutsch and I'm good. I have no idea what to do with those English Bronte (insert umlauts) girls.

heidikins said...

My dad had a house with pink walls, pink carpet, and pink stucco...I seriously don't know how he maintained his maleness and how anyone else maintained their sanity.

Good luck on the search!

lifeofdi said...

lower case umlaut o is hold ALT 0246 release ALT.


Azúcar said...

A friend of mine who is an art director and set dresser/decorator absolutely despises the new P&P for the "dirty" look of the Bennett house.

She insists that it NEVER would have looked that way and that it's only because we have these modern preconceptions of those times that it looks OK to us, even authentic.

You should hear her, she'd like to tear that movie a new one.

Little Fish said...

There is nothing more depressing then a house with nothing but white walls. It's like living in an asylum.

Skye said...

When people asked us what our nursery theme was, we said "a kid lives here." By which we meant we had put most of his stuff in that room. And somehow he seems to be turning out just fine.