i am going to eat it all right now so i don't have to share it with spouse

My visiting teacher just brought me BANANA BREAD with CHOCOLATE CHIPS in it.

Holy crap. Zucchini bread has some competition, ladies and gentleman......serious competition.

That is all.


alishka babushka said...

for some reason, this doesn't sound good to me. Maybe I just need to try it and get it over with, but i love banana bread SO much that i'm worried about ruining it. not that chocolate chips ever ruin anything

The Boob Nazi said...

So did you end up eating the whole thing? I'd like to hear the end of this story. I probably would have.... I just binge ate chips. Dangit.

Stephanie said...

no, boob nazi, i did not. i ate a little less than half, and realized i had dinner at my grandparent's in a half hour. so i conserved stomach space, and ate a plate of lasagna instead. and some rolls. and chocolate.

i like to pretend i'm a runner and carbo-loading (is that what it is called) except i don't run afet, i watch 60 minutes.

Stephanie said...

um, after, not afet

The Boob Nazi said...

I thought afet maybe was a new word that meant "on my feet" or something. hahaa
And I think it's carb-loader?

NIKOL said...

That's how I make my banana bread: with mini chocolate chips. I've also put them into zucchini bread. Mini chocolate chips are amazingly versatile.