i think

I am going to be homeless. There are no homes left. In a fit of faith, we told my father to go ahead, rent that hobbit cottage built in the 1970's. To someone else.

Can I stay with you?

I come with a husband who bakes, and a hamster.

But I did find a realtor I liked. Thanks.


Kimbooly said...

Just remember, don't let Steph do any of said baking.

Unless you like firemen. A lot. ;)

Y'all are welcome to come stay w/ us in sunny SoCal.

Sarah said...

If you would just cave and come to Utah county all your problems would be solved. Well, except the commutes.

Lena said...

You can come live next door to us for a while! They have 6 mo. leases, so you can keep looking for the house of your dreams. Move in today!!

MrsM said...

Awwww, I'm sorry. You don't want to stay with me though,I can promise you that. No one should have to deal with three kids five and under unless they've given birth to them themselves.

Plain Jame said...

Not only can you stay with me, you can buy my house - it's built on bedrock. Comes with an awesome blonde democrat neighbor across the street. She named her son Clinton and loves Obama.

Hope you're not homeless too long.

The Red Pen said...

You are doing that thing where you make me squirm again, in such fierce agreement. Real estate sucks. Realtors are hard to find. Ugh.

Also, thanks for your comments on my blog. The kindness and support has been amazing and I am always pleased to find a comment about my body or my hot boyfriend even if he's dead, which isn't ever inappropriate, but could feel like it, which is the best kind of inappropriate.

Anyway, I appreciated your sweet comments.