send some over to the middle east, stat

I freaking love zucchini bread. I think it has restorative powers.

I think it is delicious.

And while I'm usually on the giving end of the offensive stick, if I should ever find myself on the receiving end, I promise you that all will be forgiven if you send over the bread.

You know that Utah-joke about how if you leave your house unlocked, you will return home to a kitchen full of zucchini products? I want to go to there. What part of Utah is that?

Let us review. If you offend me, and want to make up, send over zucchini bread.

So, real estate agent that never answers our calls or emails, refuses to show us houses, and makes us jump through ridiculous hoops just to get your attention, you should start baking.

In the interim, you're fired.




MrsM said...

I love zucchini bread too! That sucks that your Realtor isn't playing nicely-what's her problem?

Chief said...

Ha...I'm not sure I would take the bread from her now that she has been fired. Just sayin'

Little Fish said...

Is it only zucchini bread or do you love zucchini in general? Last week I took zucchini and peeled vertial shavings off of it like long strips of pasta. I boiled it in salted water for a couple of minutes. When it was soft I mixed it with carmalized onions, garlic, crisped prosciutto and mascarpone cheese. It was AMAZING!

Dasha said...

I would recommend working with Kirkham realty. They did an amazing job for us. Good luck!

lifeofdi said...

If you lived near my parents, you would get fresh zucchini every week.

Possibly even zucchini products.

But mostly just tons and tons of zucchini. And cucumbers. Also tomatoes, corn and carrots.

They still haven't quite mastered the not-planting-a-family-sized-garden-when-your-kids-are-grown thing.

Carley A. T. said...

I know the name of an excellent agent if you want it. She helped us with our house and has a wide knowledge of the valley.

Seriously recommended (SP?)

Rynell said...

We had an agent show us a few houses over several months. We were frustrated and getting nowhere.

We bought the first FSBO that we looked at--great deal, simple and straightforward.

I might go make zucchini bread!

Lena said...

I thought there was something about moving in to the little cottage daddy built? What happened to that? And when can I come share your zucchini bread?

Lena said...

Hey, my mom has a ton of extra zucchini right now. Interested?

Sarah said...

I just happened upon a recipe yesterday that I am dying to try. It's blueberry zucchini bread and everyone who reviewed it on the website said it was the best they've ever tried. I'll email it to you.

It's a most sneaky and excellect way to incorporate greens into your diet too. I feel like I'm fooling myself, like my dog, when we used to hide her pills in a little block of cheese.