a small, vague thought

I get worried, and a little annoyed every time I see lack of ambition and a non-existent work ethic played off as having a carefree spirit or child-like attitude.

Since when did Peter-Pan complexes become adorable?

I'm just a not-cool grumpster.


The Boob Nazi said...

I met a girl in Scotland who would quit her job every couple of years and go travel for a random amount of time. I was like, but what about having a real job or a real life? I like to travel, but really? That's a bit much.
Kind of related, I guess? And I wish you could have posted earlier. I'm so effing bored it's not even funny.

Tammy said...

I completely agree with you....but I think maturity can be lame. Who said how we have to act at each age?

Mrs. Clark said...

Puts me in mind of a couple in our married students ward when my hub was in school. She didn't work (they had no kids) or go to school; she spent her time doing genealogy and reading the scriptures. He was in school on a full scholarship because a football player decked him once. (I know nobody deserves that, but he was so obnoxious/self-righteous, I get why the guy hit him. The school gave him the money as a settlement.) They had no car. My hub would drive him to school--and he never told us if he wasn't going, he just wouldn't show up for his ride. He quit his job as a fry cook--just quit going to work, didn't give notice. Yet, they would get up in testimony meeting and express their thanks for the food they got anonymously from ward members--all of us were poor working students!

James McOmber said...

I am a textbook slacker. Do I have a Peter Pan complex? Maybe. But I do have ambition, and a hell of a lot of it.

Julie T. B. Hansen said...