Dia de los Muertos (aka any holiday involving pregnant skeletons is okay with me.)

I don't think I have ever mentioned this before (along with my home address, where I work, and photos of my students, oh wait, that is NORMAL,) anyway, I don't think I have shared my deep and abiding love of skeletons with the internet.

I love skeletons. I am wearing skeletons pajama pants right now. (Don't judge me, I have the swine flu.)

I think my love started back in high school, on a family trip to Mexico. We went into town one evening, and I discovered entire shops filled with skeleton figures, skeleton shadow-box things, skeleton dishes.....and the list goes on. Even better, all of these skeletons were covered in glitter. GLITTER AND SKELETONS. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART.

Anyway, since then, I have been randomly collecting skeleton memorabilia, and an embarrassing amount of it ends up on my mantel. (Until Spouseman mysteriously finds a new home for them, and replaces my dead skeleton friends with a statue of Jesus. Hurmph.**)

My favorite piece of skeleton memorabilia looks somewhat like this:*

Except in my version, the girl skeleton is a bride, and she is PREGNANT. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE????????????

Anyway, the point of the story is this:*** Yesterday, I went to work feeling like I had been run over by a tractor, and unusually grumpy.First period drags on for 3 years as I try to coax my students to please, please participate in a class discussion. Afterwards, I leave the classroom ask a teacher a question, and when I come back, most of my second period class is already seated, and they are freakishly quiet. Suddenly, one of them shouts "Mrs. L! GO LOOK ON YOUR DESK!"

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A series of clay skeleton skulls, covered in glitter and paint.

My students had made them in art class, and gifted them to me. Including a skull that said "To Mrs. L" in GLITTER along the top.

Dear Students,

I totally forgive you for giving me the swine flu.

The End.

*Could I have taken a photo of my own skeletons myself, and posted it? Sure. But that would require way more time than I am willing to invest. Plus, this forces you to use your imagination.

** How exactly am I supposed to argue with that? Dear Spouseman, I believe my skeleton obsession is more worthy of mantle space than a statue of Jesus.

*** Yes. I went to work with the Swine Flu. I know. I know. Won't happen again.


stewbert said...

that's so sweet of your students. now stay home and quit infecting the rest of the world.

oh. and get better soon.

Wendy Sparrow said...

Nothing...but nothing says love like glittery skeletons.

I just picked up some skeleton pj pants today--for year round wear. Woo woo!

Little Fish said...

A skeleton Jesus would be really inapropriate, right?

Lena said...

I had no idea that you liked skeletons....I will have to keep this in mind...

Ps- hope you feel better soon!

Polly said...

So I just had to comment because we have a strange love of the day of the dead skeleton in our family. They are given as prized treasures, they have topped several wedding cakes (to my aunt's horror). One year my sister gave every one a day of the dead gift representing thier family- I was single still so mine was a beehived, glitter wearing, cigarette smoking street walker (who lives on my dresser in a place of honor). Just wanted you to know ther are other crazies out there.