My sewing machine is returned to me! (After giving up my future first-born, and arm, and a leg, mind you. It really is highway robbery, how much they charge for a tune-up these days....)

Anyway, I am very excited because from where I am, it is the weekend, (bless you, UEA,) and that means sewing can be added to my plans of eating too much food, sleeping a lot, and reading tons of teenager books.

Oh dear. As I was reading this, I was also responding to an email from my friend, in which we were being snotty elitists.

And now I am going to say something that will enrage the Child-Bride naysayers who accuse me of excessive egomania and intellectual snobbery (GUILTY. AS. CHARGED.)*


Being a teacher-aide is not the same as being a teacher.

It just isn't.

I'm not saying it isn't an important job, or a good job, or whatever, but the two positions are not the same. In a career where teachers are already under-valued and under-paid, the last thing we need taken away from us is our title. We worked hard for our degrees, and our license. **

End rant.

Happy about my machine. Annoyed with....other things.

* Just kidding. But, you could accuse me of a lot worse, honestly, and being "intellectual" and "elitist" is the LEAST of my problems. Plus, I don't think it is true anyways. I'm planning on watching TV and eating Chinese food tonight, not listening to NPR and making my own gnocchi. As for the egomania? Of course that is true. I write a blog, I didn't get here without a hefty dose of ego.

** Also, I would like to say that I know a lot of my MAT and other educator friends are not working right now, and I am only temporarily employed. I still consider them (and myself) teachers. Because they have their degree. And their licence. And can ostensibly (should the job market improve) be teaching in their own classroom whenever they want. Which an aide cannot do.

the end.


Becca said...

Sometimes an aide (or in my area they call them para-educators which makes me think of paraplegic) does do a lot though. My sister was one, and the school she worked at didn't have a teacher contracted for the whole summer. So of course the leaving teacher did not leave lesson plans. She ended up making a bunch under the direction of a department head. Needless to say, she put in her resignation. I can't believe she was only making $8 and hour doing that too.

Stephanie said...

becca- i know they do a TON, and are incredibly important, i'm just saying that there is a difference in the two positions, that should be noted.

the only comparison i can think of is how being a CNN is also an important job, but not the same as an RN.

The Boob Nazi said...

I think the same. Don't you worry.
And Chinese food? Yuuum

Ru said...

I'm not a teacher, but I have to agree with the general sentiment. Teachers aides aren't teachers, paralegals aren't lawyers, and while I'm at it(I hope nobody gets too mad) I have to say that when you're a nanny, don't call them "your kids" all the time. They are someone else's kids, you get paid to watch them. (And fyi, it does make their mothers really mad when they hear it.) All of these people do very important jobs, and yes, at times there is some overlap, but our friend MCB is right - there's a difference.

It's not about being snobby, it's just about being accurate.

Love the blog, fyi :)

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness, you just unleashed a stream of ranting, passionate opinions and thoughts I am dying to share about the underpaid status of teachers and the total lack of requirements and sufficient pay for aides (especially in special education) and basically the public school system in general ... but I am afraid I am having the same problem of verbalizing you wrote you are having at the moment. NOTHING COMES OUT RIGHT THIS WEEK!!! So suffice it for me to leave you this link and know that I really, really would love anyone who actually reads the document and then shares their equally passionate thoughts and opinions about what is suggested here: End rant.

Aunt Spicy said...

...what did you sew? do we get to see pictures? the month I was without a machine was torture...

Ditto on the comments regarding teachers! My Mom was a teacher and I have the upmost respect for educators at every level!

Whitney and Daniel said...

I couldn't agree more. I have friends that "have the same job as me" but don't.... they are aides... and it always gets under my skin just a little bit. OR a lotta bit.