family bonding

1. Thanks to my sister Grace, I now have a ridiculously time/thought consuming activity for my Honors English students, who have thus far whipped through all of my lesson plans fairly effortlessly.

It isn't busy work, but hopefully it will take them longer than five minutes.

Grace helped by telling me some of the activities her teacher used while teaching Of Mice and Men.

The internet helped by giving me good ideas.

My evil brain helped by making said activity as challenging as possible.


2. A few nights ago, my Dad loaded up his trunk with pies from Marie Calendar's, and we delivered them to random people. And when I say random, I mean random. We drove around the neighborhood, and my dad would suddenly stop, point to a house, and say "Do you think they need pie?" Repeat until pies are gone.

That's how the drunk creepy guy who frequently screams at small children for trespassing got some Banana Cream goodness.

3. My youngest brother Clark gets weekly allergy shots. On days where my mother can't take him, I drive him to the clinic, and we go to lunch after. Today, both the clinic and Noodles and Co.* were filled with small children, or midgets, which is how Clark refers to anyone under five. Small children fascinate Clark, who did not grow up with four younger siblings.

"Look! A midget!"

"Holy Cow Steph! Look at how many there are!"

"It's like a convention!"

"I bet they're planning something..."

Someone needs to tell Clark that

a) Children and midgets aren't the same.

b) Midgets have adult brains, and are capable of planning a hostile take-over.

c) Toddlers and infants do not.

*We always go to Noodles, and Clark always orders the exact same thing. He takes ordering very seriously, and it amuses me. It also amuses me how Clark thinks I am a shut-in who grew up without electricity. Example: Hey, Steph, have you heard of a band called Radiohead?



The Boob Nazi said...

Some of us who were the youngest don't know how to act around children. It happens.

mommy dearest said...

my child Clark is brilliant.

NIKOL said...

The pie giveaway is such a fun, sweet (no pun intended) gesture. Your dad is awesome.

Lena said...

I love that. My mom did the same thing when, years ago, I told her like a song from a new band called Bon Jovi.

Maree said...

Oh, I LOVE the pie give away idea. How very nice!

Flo said...

If a stranger left a pie or any package outside someone's door in my country, said someone would automatically assume it's a bomb/prank/rotten pie. And throw it away.
That's why we cannot risk being nice around here. When I delivered Christmas cookies to my neighbours last year, what I got back was mostly awkward glances and a shy smile, then they would receive the gift and LOCK their doors shut.
What you did with your father is just so awesome.

C said...

Oh weekly allergy shots...that brings back memories! I had to get those for a few years when I was in grade school and high school. Tell Clark that the only upside (other than the whole 'no more allergies' thing) is that he'll never be afraid of getting shots or having blood drawn ever again! "That vaccine requires a five inch needle? Okay, no problem. **yawn**"