i need direction to perfection

I like to have routines. Perhaps my educations books are right, and my poor misfiring brain really does crave structure. Oh ADD. Or is it OCD?

Here is my morning routine.

5:30 am. Alarm.

5:45 Alarm. Movement.

until around 6 ish: Showering, and cursing silently.

Post Shower: Transition to verbal cursing.

Some time spent getting ready, organizing things for school and cursing.

6:35: First diet coke consumed. Feeling better. Less cursing.

6:45 Become angry at Spouse for wearing all fleece apparel. Reminds me of bed.

Leave for work. Complain to the darkness that it is THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. WHY AM I DOING THIS.

6:45-7:00: Commute. Play Killers loudly. Head bang. Become embarrassed when you notice the person next to you at the stop light is a student, who is watching you head bang.

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier!

7:00: get my classroom ready for students.

7:25 Second diet coke.

7:25: Try not to suck. Continue until end of school day. More diet beverages containing caffeine consumed.


MamaBear said...

LMBO - you deleted all comments? had you not had adequate diet coke yet?

you inspired me to get out my fleecy PJs to work in today, i just need you to know this. <3

Melinda said...

Bless you for validating my need for Diet Coke pre-7am. Seriously.