msg inspired rage

Spouse is watching Anamaniacs in the next room. If I have to hear those squeaky little voices for one more minute, I will probably kill someone.

Spouse cooks, and makes more money than me, so it will have to be someone else.

Or, I could just ask him to turn it off, like a normal person.



Nikki said...

hi stephanie! i've been blogger-stalking you for the past few days. today, i've decided to say hello! also... i thought that you should know that now i have the animaniacs theme song stuck in my head. i've really enjoyed reading about your adventures thus far... and i'm looking forward to reading about many more! :)

NIKOL said...

When Animaniacs originally aired, I was in high school. I LOVED that show. Now I have children of my own. We have the Animaniacs CD's that we listen to in the car sometimes. But then my husband bought the DVDs. Now, like I said, back in the day I LOVED that show. Now? Not so much. Especially since my son's favorite episode involves a clown who talks like Jerry Lewis. It makes me feel all irritated and stabby.

Lena said...

Oh, Nik love that show. I have not seen it in ages. Probably for the best. I like your msg inspired rage. It makes me laugh.

James McOmber said...

I'm with the people who loved the show. Don't kill Dan.

Mrs. Clark said...

Sorry, Steph, I think Animaniacs were the best cartoons ever. My kids now get the jokes that went over their heads (and we as adults laughed at) when they were kids. Loved Pinky and the Brain, and the Goodfeathers episode with the pigeons. "Scorsese, Scorsese! Scor-se-se!"