nothing in particular

1. I got a hair-cut recently that makes me feel a little too retro-ish for my own good. I am not cool enough for this hair. I am cool enough for sloppy English teacher ponytails. Also, I am not smart enough in the morning to operate a hair-straightener, or apply product.

2. Also, I wore a very ruffled sweater today. I could help thinking that my sweater was exploding, and that the ruffles were it's intestines.

3. Had lunch with the rage-luncher friend, the Gurrbonzo, who is in town from damn Iowa. I may live to age 30 now, that is how therapeutic our rage lunch was.

4. Let's go back to the superficial. I have no concept of style. See item #2. Lots of people say this, and are lying, but I am telling the truth. Rage luncher friend and I both had gift cards to fancy 9th and 9th stores, and friend made a killing and I just struggled. Friend tried to assist, but I'm afraid I'm a desperate case. What is cute? What is cute on me? What is cute in my house? I'm fairly certain owner of said 9th and 9th store thinks I am a moron, because this is the second time I have visited her store, and not been able to make a decision.

Who would like to volunteer to shop for me? It would be like service. Please leave contact information in comments or via email. I'm only a little kidding.

5. Tomorrow is a happy day, because the teacher I am subbing for called to inform me that I don't have to come until 9. Blessed, blessed 9 am, when regular people go to work. Blessed.

6. Did I tell you? I made the cutest infant and toddler skirt set for Gurrbonzo, who already has one cute daughter, and is having another in January. I really should have photographed them, because they were awesome. I used this tutorial, for the toddler, and adapted it for the infant. Infant skirt was so tiny and adorable and small, I wanted to steal a baby off the street so I could dress it.

That is basically it.


Lena said...

Awesome that you got to see Gurr. I love rage lunches...I need to have them more. Maybe even a Rage Brownie would be good.

By the way, sushi dinner was changed to wednesday night, if you and spouseman are interested in coming with.

Tammy said...

why no pictures of the hair and sweater. I am imagining a pirate. Am I close?

The Boob Nazi said...

So do you no longer have a Mormon-mom haircut??? (And I don't mean that I saw you and thought you had one. haha I'm not that mean.)
Where did you get it cut? I say it's picture time.

Little Fish said...

I will totally shop for you! My dream job is stylist, though right now I'm stuck working at non-profits and trying to make the world a better place... damn it! Seriously though, I've been asked to take several friends on shopping trips to help them with style dilemas. I used to make whoever I was with call me Stacy London the whole time, but now I like being called Rachel Zoe.

ChloƩ said...

haha, i am glad you commented on my blog, i have come across yours a few times and i love it! i am glad i am not the only one addicted to diet dr. pepper :)

Mrs. Clark said...

Well, once again I have answers for your problems! I was a wardrobe and image consultant for several years (actually, I still am the "stylist" for one of my former students) and I have lots of info, handouts, and even a book I have written but not tried to publish. I will send them through email if you want!

Jessica said...

If you find someone to shop for you, pass their contact info on to me too. I miss the days when I worked in labs and could show up in jeans and t-shirts. This whole "dress like an adult" thing is killing me.

Brooke said...

First of all: you rock.

Second: I'm jealous of both the hair and the fact you can sew.

gurrbonzo said...

Your hair looks hot, and the ruffles are cute, and we rock.

Also, remember that gift certificates are WAY easier to use for things like trendy children's toys/kitchen crap than boutique-ish t-shirts.

And, I will send you pics of the skirts so you can brag about them because they are so cute it's freaky.