Today was a very good day.

1. We found a house. We signed the closing papers. We move in next week. We are very excited.

2. Dan (of Simple Systems) is one of the Utah Student 25. Because he is awesome.

3. My sister is officially and blissfully engaged. Another Mormon Child Bride in the family!

4. My father settled a big case that he has been working on for a very long time. We were all very emotionally invested in this case, and his clients, and we are happy for them and for my Dad.

So it was a pretty good day to be in our family. Who says we aren't the smartest in the ward?


Michemily said...

Good to hear. Congrats!

Little Fish said...

Yeah for everything and good luck with the move!

Lisa Louise said...

can't wait to see the house!!

Brooke said...

Hooray for new houses!!!! (And for all the other good things ... engagements especially =))

MandoRama said...

God, I hope you are buying the house next to me. It's big enough to raise at least four Mormon babies.

Lena said...

I feel very happy for you, but I read your new post first, so I know how some of it might be tainted now. And I would offer to help with the move, but I have to work on saturday, then I am having a Halloween party (hopefully) so my evening will be pretty full. I can offer moral support. And Nik.