things i never have to do again

Awhile ago, I blogged about Dan having to do a group-project, and I gleefully realized that I never had to do a group project ever again.* Joy.

Here are some other things I never have to do again. Extra joy.

1. First Dates.

2. Bull-sh*t my way through theory papers that I do not believe or support. I cannot tell you how many times I did this at Westminster. I believe in equitable and fair education. I do not believe I am inherently racist because I am white. I also do not believe I need to write out every single lesson plan, including a "script" of what I will say at the beginning of each class.

3. As a child-bride, living at home at the time of her engagement, I would be lying if I told you that the idea of not having to deal with a curfew, or anxious waiting-up mothers was very exciting. It's not the reason I got married, but it was a bonus. (Again, I met Dan at 19, I'm entitled to some teenager reactions.)**

4. Be engaged. Fun for the first month. I was engaged for 3.5.

5. Pretend to care about table settings for said wedding. I kept telling people to just "make it look pretty," or "make it taste good." I'm not bashing people who enjoyed planning their weddings, but it was not an important thing to me, and I'm glad all that stuff is over.

6. Try and find parking at the University of Utah.

7. Pretend to care about sports.

What are some things you no longer have to do? Does it make you unreasonably happy too?

* Sigh. This may or may not be entirely true. It is quite possible that there will be more formal education in my future. That may require me to interact with other humans. But since that may or may not be happening, and not any time soon, I am going to revel while I can.

** His cooking skills, however, that was a reason.


gurrbonzo said...

Though I had many, many great ones, I must say...


The Boob Nazi said...

I don't know what I never have to do again. Hmm Let me think.
Start grad school.
(I'm not to the super excited phase like you. 8ish more months.)

Lena said...

In less than a month I will never have to do Chemo again (cross fingers), and I agree with all the perks of living away from home, I can't say I never have to do homework again, cause I might end up back at school. I will have to think more about this.

amanda said...

i never have to fall asleep at the boyfriend's house, wake up in the middle of the night, have it be frozen outside, and then have to drive home and go to school the next morning. that's something i hated the most.

Brooke said...

I never again have to take a graduate school entrance exam or fill my time with lame extra-curricular activities "just so they'll look good on a college application."

Almost as good as never having to go on a first date? Never having to endure an awkward first kiss!

Mrs. Clark said...

1. Go to another back to school night. Woo hoo!

2. Same as Gurrbonzo--deal with roommates.

That's all I can think of right now.

stewbert said...

The first date thing: Absolutely. The awkward first kiss: The only time I've ever not had an awkward first kiss was with my husband -- it was amazing. So I am ecstatic about no awkward first kisses. That whole uncertainty in the beginning of a relationship. That blows, and I'm glad it's over.