you know you teach 10th graders when....

1. There is no name on the paper, but you recognize the handwriting and/or the doodles. And/or the proclamations "I love you Mrs. Mormonchildbride!*" written in the margins.

2. The essay itself is kind of crap, but the flowery border, and fancy script is meticulously executed. Also, little hearts dot the entire essay.

3. Your students actually write"like" in their papers. With the same frequency that they actually say "like." Same with words like "suck" and "totally."

*Obviously, he uses my real name, not my internet alias.

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Lauren said...

I teach 8th grade. This sounds about right for them, too. Unfortunately another one I could is you know you teach 8th graders when there are periods at random places throughout the essay and/or the essay is just one big long sentence with one period at the end. Could have sworn they taught sentence writing and periods sometime in elementary school!