a brief summary of the week.

1. Today at lunch we (the teachers) discovered that a drunk 17 year old had been using the faculty parking lot as his personal bumper car course. All morning. Seriously, the kid was careening through the parking lot, crashing into various cars, backing up, and crashing again.*

2.My students are finally starting to like "Our Town." Finally.

3. My sister Laura is upset because I never mention her on my blog. Dear Laura, you have been mentioned.

4. My students wrote me a bunch of letters in their computer class. I guess the assignment was to write a formal letter to someone, and for whatever reason** they chose me. Many of the letters were adorable and heart-warming, and said very nice things. But my favorite letter was from "Landon," who identified himself as my "Most Polite and Best English 2B Student."

Dearest Mrs. L________________:

I write in my journal everyday how I had fun in your class. You lift my spirit every day. Yet it saddens my heart to see you struggling with your dangerous addiction to caffeine, and the addiction is winning. Don't let this war get out of hand. You can win. Please Mrs. L, let me help you fight your addiction. I'm here for you. Coke is a material thing you can live without. I know you can.

Oh Landon. It isn't an addiction, It is a COMMITMENT.

Anyway, that was my week. How was your week?

*Eventually he was apprehended, and stopped. My car wasn't hurt, which is lucky for our little alcoholic, because for the first time in my life I drive a nice (nice=functioning) car, and I won't have some little 17 year old punk take that away from me.

**Because I'm awesome? Oh. How nice of you to say.


MamaBear said...

you sound happy. isn't it great when you get a gift of a week without crises? oh wait - you're childless at present. a week without crises is taken for granted. just you wait, hehehe, my pretty, they'll get you too!

sorry. the voices took over for a moment. let me just say i do love your post before they get me aga................

jnyfritz said...

see its letters like that, that make me think perhaps...i could have been a teacher...but then reality slaps me on the face!! cheers to an eventful week!

stewbert said...

that letter is awesome. haha. and i'm glad your car didn't get injured.

Melinda said...

You are so right! It IS a commitment. My sophomores have become such self-righteous little buggers when it comes to caffeine that I am afraid to leave my Diet Coke unattended. What exactly are they trying to save me from!?